04 April 2008

Well the visitors have left and the FB is missing his cousin dreadfully. They had a great time together charging about the house, arresting their grandfather and attempting to drag him off to jail, and by the end of their time together had declared everlasting love and decided to get married to one another when they are older. Very sweet! The visit did the FB the world of good too, he watched his beloved cousin intently and consequently both his running and his colouring in have improved no end.

The Terracotta Army was good, in that you could get within a meter of the statues which is apparently closer than you get at the official museum in China; but there were only a few statues, understandable I know, but I was rather expecting it to be bigger. The really interesting bit was about the First Emperor's burial mound which has not been excavated and there is a lot of speculation about what will be found in there when it is dug into. Apparently he was trying to build a miniature version of the universe so he could rule forever, and rivers of mercury and stars of pearls are amongst what is thought to be down there. But they don't think it will be excavated any time soon alas. Children behaved reasonably well, by which I mean that they are allowed back to the British Museum but aren't allowed to touch anything again or jump up and down as they kept setting the alarms off.

Night out was fun. It was a very windy, rainy evening so by the time MrV and I reached our destination we were a little windswept and damp. Restaurant wasn't bad and after the meal we did as most normal people do and went for a wander round Ikea.

Oh and yes I got the storage unit hurrah! Now all my art/craft stuff is in one place.