29 January 2008

That shouldn't really happen should it?

Do you remember many months ago, in November, I wrote about how the staircase was coming away from the wall? Well that seems to have halted, possibly because I got freaked out at 3am one night and shifted around 100 books; but now the centre of the shelf that runs along the side of the staircase as it reaches the loft, has sunken in...

If I was a landlord there is no way I'd rent a property to me, not unless it was being flattened afterwards.

(Taxes filed and paid. Hurrah!)

25 January 2008

Not sharing with you Mr Darling*

I know no man is an island, but could they be a taxhaven I wonder; and if so, how do you claim such a status? It's the end of the tax year here in the sunny UK and I am rapidly losing patience with the Inland Revenue and their complete inability to write their "helpful" notes in anything close to understandable English. As far as I can make out it is a competition between them and us; they want to get as much money from us as they can to spend on little luxuries - starting wars for instance, and we want to keep as much money from them to spend on our little luxuries like electricity, gas and rent. They use babble as their tool to confuse and bewilder the poor layman into paying more, and we lie, I mean claim deductables, to pay less. And so, year after year the battle rages on.

*Alistair Darling is the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Gordon Brown's old job)

23 January 2008

Our house seems to be full of these little flies at present. They appeared after the ceiling came down and are everywhere. They're like little black versions of greenfly, but I've no idea what they are. Don't seem to bite nor leap so I'm assuming they're not fleas.
Time just seems to be flying past and I'm sure that it was only yesterday that I posted last but I guess not, and it is not like our lives are full of exciting things either. Really the only exciting thing that has happened recently is the constant speculation if the people next door are our new neighbours or builders & decorators. Yup our lives are that dull!

09 January 2008


Wow that was almost a sabbatical! My break wasn't meant to be that long but a series of stomach bugs (yup more), the flu which knocked the stuffing out of all of us, and then a leak in our livingroom ceiling over New Year has made it harder than normal to get to a computer. However we are looking at the bright side of all this (is there one you ask?) well the bug and flu caused me to lose weight and keep most of it off over Christmas, and frankly anything that shifts the stubborn fat off me can only be a good thing in my opinion.

What else? Oh oh oh the noisy neighbour with the creepy 12 year old has moved out. Hurrah!

Happy New Year to you all