27 January 2009


Obviously as well as being able to steal bait from traps without springing them, the damn creatures have learnt to read. Within a few hours of posting last night who should appear scurrying across the livingroom floor? Yup, that's right. And who did I hear scrabbling away in the corner of my bedroom last night?

Mind you last night was freaky weird anyway. At 12.40 I got woken up by the sound of music playing very loudly in our flat and when I got up to investigate I found the radio on in MrV's study and a cd playing in the stereo in the livingroom. Everyone else was in bed. Three hours later and it happened again only this time it was just the radio going on. I figure we must have been having very small powercuts because the FB's clock beside his bed was flashing the wrong time.

I'm not going the change the name of the blog. I like it and it will always remind me of my two little penguins. It was a hard hard decision to make and it was one that I had been putting off for a long time but it was also the right decision to make.

26 January 2009

Ode to a mouse

go away.

pack your bags.

there's no food for you here so please, just, leave


We have a mouse (did you guess?) of the free range sort. It appeared a few months ago in the bathroom while I was sitting on the toilet . We saw it a few more times and then it vanished. A few weeks ago it came back and now it's so brave that it runs into and out of the livingroom in broad daylight while someone is sitting in there. We've put traps down, and poison, and the little bugger is still about.

Wait a minute, I hear you say. What about your cats? Well, we had a few weeks apart back in August when we first moved up here, and I noticed that for the first time the Count's nose wasn't running. Within a day of the cats returning his nose was back to being blocked and his eyes had swollen up. So the cats had to go.

Fast forward 2 weeks.....

We put down poison 2 weeks ago, and a mousetrap which is still waiting to be sprung. The original mouse has gone, is probably an ex-mouse now, and has been replaced by its identical twin. The only difference is that mouse a wasn't afraid to run into the livingroom of an evening, and mouse b is and hasn't ventured out of the kitchen. Although, he hasn't been seen recently either.

03 January 2009


The sun is shining at present, and the building opposite mine is glowing golden. I love sandstone buildings, the way the bricks turn different shades through the day and through the years. It doesn't feel like it will be such a bad year. And yet we have a recession looming (I don't think Britain is officially in one yet), businesses are going bankrupt and massive unemployment seems inevitable. I wonder how this will affect my family, will MrV keep his job through it all? How will it affect our area - there are a lot of little shops around here - will they manage to keep open? And what about the online sellers like Posy gets Cozy? Will they still keep their heads above water? I hope so. There is a feeling of gloom, and understandable worry, but also a bit of excitment as people wonder what will come out of this all. Will there be more equality or will the country be even more financially divided than before?

So, here's to an interesting 2009. May you all come through these times intact.