18 July 2011


I was going to write that the FB has his best friend round right now so the warring camps (FB v the Count) have declared a temporary peace. It hasn't lasted; and Ig has gotten involved.

4 weeks of holiday left, but will anyone still be alive at the end of it?

12 July 2011


Dear Diary
today the sun shone. Yes you read that correctly, the sun shone here in Edinburgh. The rest of the country, well those bits south of here, according to the Met Office, have had a drought and heatwave, whilst we have taken up swimming as our method of transportation. Last Friday, we - MrV, the FB, the Count, Ig and I, had an appointment in Morningside. It started to rain on our way there, and by the time we were ready to leave we had a fully fledged thunderstorm on our hands complete with torrential rain and hail. It was lovely. Especially when we had to go outside and head home. Crossing Morningside Road was not unlike fording a rather fast running river, and bloody cold too. We ran up the road and headed for Waitrose only to find the staff there desperately mopping the floor as the supermarket started to flood.
But today the sun is shining and it is glorious outside.
I'll miss Edinburgh when we leave. It's been a good three years living here. I'll miss my friends and family, the view in Winter accross the Meadows to Arthur's Seat, the Botanics, the Museum, even the tourists wandering about. I won't miss the mice though. Nope, not at all.

11 July 2011

back or not?

I keep thinking about writing this blog again especially now that we are moving again. I have really good memories of writing it daily in Tooting about the trials and tribulations of living in South London - the wall that vanished, the dildo on the way home from nursery and the evil darkness in the livingroom. And of course the readers whose comments I loved. So I'm hoping to restart the blog and see how it gets on.
Things have changed and not since I stopped in 2009. I have a daughter, Ig who is now 16 months old. She was ill for the first nine months of her life and was hell, screaming all day and refusing to sleep. Then one morning MrV sat her up and that was it. She stopped screaming, learned to crawl and is now learning how to walk. The FB has finished Primary 3 with lots of friends. He had a difficult few years working out how to be properly social and he's got it now just before we move. Hopefully he'll be able to keep going at the new school and he'll be ok. The Count is now 4 years old and is as mad as a bucket of frogs. And MrV well, he still works horrible hours and weekends, frequently cancels holidays at the last minute but he's wonderful. As for me, well the fat squatters are still hanging on in there, I still have days and days where everything seems too hard to cope with but I'm still reading and still sewing and getting there.