30 June 2012

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Why do we move so much? Well to answer your question Isabelle, size. I worked out that in the thirteen years MrV and I have been together we've moved nine times. Admittedly some of those times have been into temporary accommodation when we've moved country but nine is still rather a lot. And most of those moves, especially post children have been for space. This last move was a necessity. We lived in a three bedroom flat infested with mice. Now three bedrooms would ordinarily have been fine - MrV and I would have one, the FB one and the Count and Ig would share but...MrV works from home so nabbed one bedroom as his study leaving three children and numerous mice to share.
So we house hunted and we searched and everything in Edinburgh that was large enough was hideously expensive and so we moved north to where MrV's mother lived. Now we have a four bedroom house with a study and a garden and most importantly of all, NO BLOODY MICE.

29 June 2012

Day Two

I wonder if it's time to start putting my rudimentary woodwork skills to use and build an ark.  We are rather short on animals but we do have a surfeit of spiders which may come in use if we need a sail spun.
I guess that's why it's so green in Perthshire - it rains a lot; and yet I remember when I was a lass in Crieff that we had beautiful summers especially in the run up to Highers but this year it's been ridiculous. On the other hand it makes a very good excuse to light the fire in the evenings, and there's nothing nicer than curling up and reading a good book while the fire crackles and hisses.

26 June 2012

Tomorrow school breaks up for the summer holidays.  The Count finished his last day of nursery today, in August he starts Primary One. And today it started raining. Upstairs in the hall and in the Count's bedroom windows are open; they're top opening outwards at an angle kind of windows and the rain water is gathering on them and forming puddles. When raindrops land in the puddles they make little splashes.

So much has happened since we moved here in September, and so much I have wanted to blog about but found myself unable to begin. Sometimes that happens and the only way to deal with it is to slowly but steadily break through the block.
So here goes .... we have started redecorating, fixing up the garden and we have planted a crop of vegetables - potatoes, onions, beetroot, lettuce, peas and carrots.  Everything is coming up beautifully except the peas. The peas have vanished.

More tomorrow....