26 June 2012

Tomorrow school breaks up for the summer holidays.  The Count finished his last day of nursery today, in August he starts Primary One. And today it started raining. Upstairs in the hall and in the Count's bedroom windows are open; they're top opening outwards at an angle kind of windows and the rain water is gathering on them and forming puddles. When raindrops land in the puddles they make little splashes.

So much has happened since we moved here in September, and so much I have wanted to blog about but found myself unable to begin. Sometimes that happens and the only way to deal with it is to slowly but steadily break through the block.
So here goes .... we have started redecorating, fixing up the garden and we have planted a crop of vegetables - potatoes, onions, beetroot, lettuce, peas and carrots.  Everything is coming up beautifully except the peas. The peas have vanished.

More tomorrow....

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Isabelle said...

Wow. I suddenly noticed that you'd posted (it was at the side of someone else's blog) and here you are. Mind you, where? No longer Edinburgh. I wonder why you keep moving.

Well, welcome back - if you're really back. Hope you keep blogging.