29 June 2012

Day Two

I wonder if it's time to start putting my rudimentary woodwork skills to use and build an ark.  We are rather short on animals but we do have a surfeit of spiders which may come in use if we need a sail spun.
I guess that's why it's so green in Perthshire - it rains a lot; and yet I remember when I was a lass in Crieff that we had beautiful summers especially in the run up to Highers but this year it's been ridiculous. On the other hand it makes a very good excuse to light the fire in the evenings, and there's nothing nicer than curling up and reading a good book while the fire crackles and hisses.

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Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. If it rains, then the midges stay away. And by the time it stops raining, it'll probably be close to winter, so midge season will be almost over. Ah, the joys of Scotland...