28 February 2013

Mum? What's 100 + 100?

The Count is starting to learn addition and subtraction now so we are being bombarded with questions like the one above. He never seems to remember the answers though or he's got his questions on a loop as we get asked the same ones over and over. So this morning I started teaching him how to lay out an addition question and he got it straight away. I thought that might stop the maths quiz but alas no!

Laundry done. A few days ago Ig "decorated" the livingroom with the contents of the ash bucket....
All the couches had to be stripped of their covers which have slowly been making their way into the washing machine. And half a hour ago the last one got hung up to dry hurrah

27 February 2013


It's becoming harder and harder for me to read paper books. MrV bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I love it. It's so much easier to read a book on that and, alas, far too easy for me to buy books for it too.
But I'm reading a paper book at present, one that MrV bought me for Christmas. It's Elanor Dymott's debut novel Every Contact Leaves A Trace. A dark and quite bewitching tale about the husband of a murdered woman and his discovery that perhaps he didn't know his wife as well as he had thought. I'm only half way through so I can't accidentally drop any spoilers and tell you who dunnit but I can, and do recommend it as a very good read

26 February 2013

I love Tuesdays

I truly do, especially this Tuesday. Ig went to playgroup as she does every Tuesday (that we don't have stomach bugs, or the flu, or any other of the many viruses going around at present) and I get two whole hours of peace and quiet.
Today I worked on a pair of fingerless gloves - my hands get quite cold when I'm knitting, but the pattern was flawed and the glove I had knitted was too small. Then I found these on the web. Aren't they beautiful? So now I'm learning to crochet...
And all the time I'm listening to The Navy Lark and giggling.

Ig after playgroup, with sticks

25 February 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

It was one of those beautiful Scottish late winter days, all blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Looks warm outside but trust me it's not.

This is the top of one of the fence posts covered in frost. I love the way it follows the circles of the grain.

24 February 2013

Previously on FLFP

Our heroine, Velcro, had moved out of Edinburgh to a small country town somewhere in Scotland. With her went her beloved MrV, and the three etceteras FB, the Count, and Ig, but not, as this cannot be emphasised enough, her nemesis the mice who had plagued her very existence for months.
We moved into a quirky house that needed a lot of work done to it and to be honest, still does. Half of the walls on the main floor have had the woodchip stripped from them but the rest still need to be done. The ceilings are festooned with purple network cables that hang like odd Christmas decorations while awaiting the next step in their installation. And there are giant holes drilled into the ceiling outside the kitchen looking rather alarmingly like evidence of a infestation of giant woodworm (it's not).

But I have learned to knit!