24 February 2013

Previously on FLFP

Our heroine, Velcro, had moved out of Edinburgh to a small country town somewhere in Scotland. With her went her beloved MrV, and the three etceteras FB, the Count, and Ig, but not, as this cannot be emphasised enough, her nemesis the mice who had plagued her very existence for months.
We moved into a quirky house that needed a lot of work done to it and to be honest, still does. Half of the walls on the main floor have had the woodchip stripped from them but the rest still need to be done. The ceilings are festooned with purple network cables that hang like odd Christmas decorations while awaiting the next step in their installation. And there are giant holes drilled into the ceiling outside the kitchen looking rather alarmingly like evidence of a infestation of giant woodworm (it's not).

But I have learned to knit!

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