27 January 2009


Obviously as well as being able to steal bait from traps without springing them, the damn creatures have learnt to read. Within a few hours of posting last night who should appear scurrying across the livingroom floor? Yup, that's right. And who did I hear scrabbling away in the corner of my bedroom last night?

Mind you last night was freaky weird anyway. At 12.40 I got woken up by the sound of music playing very loudly in our flat and when I got up to investigate I found the radio on in MrV's study and a cd playing in the stereo in the livingroom. Everyone else was in bed. Three hours later and it happened again only this time it was just the radio going on. I figure we must have been having very small powercuts because the FB's clock beside his bed was flashing the wrong time.

I'm not going the change the name of the blog. I like it and it will always remind me of my two little penguins. It was a hard hard decision to make and it was one that I had been putting off for a long time but it was also the right decision to make.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your poltergeist has followed you to Edinburgh from London, she probably fancied a change of scenery too.

Sorry I've been quiet, I haven't been around much hence the pitiful state of my own blog and your email I still haven't answered. I promise I'll respond soon! xx

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, how sad about your cats.

Mice, eh? Great. I prefer the humane traps, myself, but then I do suspect that the mouse can run back to the house faster than one can oneself.

nutmeg said...

Velcro - I didn't know you were back blogging and from Edinburgh! Sorry to read about your cats ... and you mice :-(

Stomper Girl said...

Oh that is sad and annoying. The only mice I see these days are the dead ones being batted around by Bertie Wooster. Cats really are the best thing for rodent control. But baby health must come first..

I used to sic Mister Fixit onto rogue mice before we got the cat, he was pretty impressive whacking his large work boots onto fleeing mice. Perhaps you could speak to MrV?

meggie said...

I am ashamed to say, I am laughing at the thought of Mr Fixit whacking out mice with his boots!
Shame about your cats. Our second son was allergic as a child, but seems ok now he is 40!
Mice never come singly.