23 January 2008

Our house seems to be full of these little flies at present. They appeared after the ceiling came down and are everywhere. They're like little black versions of greenfly, but I've no idea what they are. Don't seem to bite nor leap so I'm assuming they're not fleas.
Time just seems to be flying past and I'm sure that it was only yesterday that I posted last but I guess not, and it is not like our lives are full of exciting things either. Really the only exciting thing that has happened recently is the constant speculation if the people next door are our new neighbours or builders & decorators. Yup our lives are that dull!


angelfeet said...

Flies - yuk!

It is incredible just how the time speeds by. I keep reminding myself that each day that goes by takes us closer to the spring.

caramaena said...

Would you like us aussies to send you over some hats with corks around the brim to keep them away from your face?


meggie said...

I rather like the idea that each day can be marked. Whatever you do with that day, remains forever. I guess, when I let so many slide on by, I shouldn't feel that way... but as long as I do no harm...
a pox on the flies.. us Aussies know about flies!

velcro said...

they are tiny little flies. must have been in the ceiling waiting for summer to appear. I'm surprised that a ton of ladybirds didn't land on the plumber's head - we kept finding the little bugs wandering around our hall in December so they must be hibernating in the walls somewhere.

Ooh cork hats yes please, only, could you change the corks to marshmallows please?

Meggie I like the idea of marking days too. If only something more interesting than changing nappies, feeding, building endless marble runs would happen to make the day worth remembering. Sigh!

K said...

We had those! I think they came indoors with our Christmas tree (which lives in a pot in the garden the rest of the year).

They went away of their own accord after a few days, BUT THEY LEFT STICKY STUFF ON EVERYTHING. Everything surrounding the Christmas tree, anyway, such as the carpet and the back of the sofa.

Thank goodness we have washable sofa covers. I can't offer any help, alas, just commiseration.