11 October 2007

Up, down and bleugh

We've had a busy week

Wednesday - met MrsT and the adorable LittleMissT for a walk in the park. LittleMissT and the Count appeared to be quite enamoured of each other, and the FB talked MrsT's ear off
Thursday - train to Edinburgh. Was supposed to have dinner with my sis but she, her hubbie and neiceA had a stomachbug
Friday - got haircut, saw a friend for lunch, went to the Museum to see the Millenium Clock (we have to do this at least once per trip to Edin) and had dinner with MrV's family
Saturday - MrV's sister got married
Sunday - nieceE's birthday parties (one with little friends and one at home with the family)
Monday - back to the museum for another round of clock watching and then on to the Meadows to the playground
Tuesday - train to London
Wedneday - I get ill with stomach bug
Thursday - the FB gets ill with the stomach bug and it looks like MrV is coming down with it too now.

service will be resumed when health returns.


Isabelle said...

Goodness, and I live in Edinburgh and hardly ever visit the Millennium clock. Is it that fascintating that you visit it twice? Hmm. Must have a closer look.

Hope the tummy bugs improve rapidly.

velcro said...

the FB loves it Isabelle. It's very dark and gothic and yet each time the clock chimes the hour there are scores of little kids eagerily waiting for it.

angelfeet said...

Sorry you've got the stomach lurgy. Hope you all recover quickly.

Aunty Evil said...

yes yes, all very interesting, but the question on everyone's lips is

"what did you do about your boobs?"

Fairlie said...

I'm intrigued about a clock that deserves two visits in four days! Must put it in my list of places to visit when/if I'm ever in Edinburgh.

Sorry to hear you've got the stomach bug...hope you all recover soon.

Liz said...

My sympathy. I fear we may never be well again in this house, we seem to just pass around one virus after the next! Ugh.

Stomper Girl said...

Busy bees! Hope the wedding was enough fun to make up for the stomach bug afterwards.

velcro said...

fairlie, i think in the two visits to the museum we watched the clock do its thing about 5 times.

God the boobs. By the time of the wedding not had the bras stopped fitting but also the two rather expensive tops were straining in that one specific spot. Of course the day after the wedding.... There are times when I truly believe that the Universe likes to make a fool of me, and these times are, everysingle time, public occasions when I have to look good. Why why why???

bug is going, thankyou for your good wishes.

the wedding was fantastic. I missed MrV walking the bride (his sister) down the aisle because they were piped in by a bagpiper and the Count took an immediate dislike to the bagpipes and screamed his head off (fortunately drowned out by the racket the pipes were making) and we missed the dancing at the end because he hated the sound of Scottish country dance music and again the screaming... But it was a beautiful wedding with very funny speeches

meggie said...

Fraught, very fraught!
Hope things get back to normal soon!!

And yes, Aunty has a point.. we want to know what happened on the summit front??

K said...

How has Mum/Isabelle missed the Millenium Clock? I will take her to have coffee in the museum atrium and hear the clock go (it plays a long tune and things move). I think she'll find it a bit peculiar, though. Well, it is.

The atrium is one of my favourite places, and I was nearly proposed to there...

Oh, by the way, I am overjoyed to find someone who remembers the magic words from Colossal Adventure. (I used to play it with my grandpa.)

Anonymous said...

FB can talk my ear off any time, he's a lovely little boy and the Count is simply adorable. Who knows we might be meeting at the Count/LMT wedding in a few years time!

Get well soon!