26 March 2008

To Ikea and beyond

Back to Ikea again. I was there yesterday with MrsT and the LittleMissT (as well as the Count) but the simple storage unit I want was not in stock so back again today to check to see if it is there. And it was. Now, I wonder if it will be by the weekend. My parents are down this weekend because, as my mother puts it, MrV and I need an evening off. Nothing to do with the tickets she has for the Terracota Army at all! This time however it will be a little different as they are bringing a surprise guest with them. My neiceE is coming down for the weekend. She is 3 weeks younger than the FB and they are the bestest of friends. I can't wait to see his face when she walks through the front door.

I'm really glad you all liked the idea of putting a note inside the front of each book. I can't do the one I'm reading at present (Zorro by Isabelle Allende - very good read by the way) because it belongs to our teeny tiny library.


meggie said...

Enjoy your visitors!

Molly said...

Is that the Terra Cotta army from China? They carted them all, all the way from China? Or did they march? That would be something to see!

Caro said...

I hope you scored your storage unit!

Isabelle said...

I liked your note idea too. I also like people who buy me books for presents to write greetings inside them.

I'd love to see the tc army, but alas am not going to or at least not this time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Velcro I have been neglecting blogworld!

It was lovely to see you and the gorgeous Count again! How did your visitors go, and how was your night off?