15 September 2008

Bye bye Cbeebies

Moving house is a bit like New Year in that you take a good look at your life in the run up to the move and decide what you want to keep and what you want to change. For months before we moved MrV and I had the same conversation over and over which would invariably start "when we move up to Edinburgh I want to.." simply because finally after a year that felt like our lives were on hold we had the opportunity to start to live again.
Some of what we decided we've managed to start doing - the FB no longer has access to hours and hours of CBeebies. Apart from his tv addiction noone else in the family really watches that much tv so we're back to five channels again, and really the only thing I miss is the rewatch facility we used to have.
I can't wait to start going to the gym again, to join the library and to finally get my act together and start embroidering again.


Stomper Girl said...

Is CBeebies a pay TV channel? We only know it as a website here, and it's a very good child-friendly one at that.

Must feel so good to get your life "off hold".

Louiz said...

Wow! Can't imagine what life with no cbeebies would be! Congratulations. and good luck with the rest of it.

velcro said...

stomper it's a free tv channel over here that comes if you have satellite or cable tv. we've neither. It's lovely to get my life off hold!

louiz i thought it would be hard without cbeebies but it's actually not at all. far far easier than the constant whining we had to let him watch tv. now there's nothing on he wants to watch.

Isabelle said...

Wow! Welcome back home - and back to blogging. I had given up hope of your return.

Wasn't it a lovely day today (for once)? And I've spent almost every minute of it working (marking and preparing lessons). Ah, joy. I hope you were outside with your cute boys.

meggie said...

A new phase of your lives. All sounds good.