18 June 2009

Knees up Mother Brown

As part of my on going battle against my fat squatters I've taken up running and am following
the Couch to 5km plan. It's not going well. Week one was ok, then the Count caught chicken pox and the gym went out the window. Once the Count was over the contagious stage and could be dragged screaming and kicking (honestly) back into the gym's creche I started again, and once more it went well, so I moved on to the next week.... and this is where it all went wrong. I've rather knackered my knees. Fortunately they just need a bit of rest and hopefully that will be them mended and I'll be able to go back to running, week one again.

The FB is now on the mend. He had an awful night last night, no sleep again due to itching but as he's bossing his brother about, arguing about doing his school work and leaping onto furniture I'd say he's over the worse.

For those of you who like books, here's something to drool over


angelfeet said...

Gosh, that link to the libraries made me feel quite light-headed. So beautiful.

I hear you about the exercise thing - it's fine trying to follow a routine when life doesn't intervene, but it never quite works how we think it's going to.

Isabelle said...

Oh, drool indeed.

Alas for the c pox. Hope it's on the wane.

caramaena said...

how goes the knees etc now?

Caro said...

I need to get off the couch. Maybe I'll follow that link.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations again Mother Brown xxx

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