04 March 2013


I am in awe of parents who get on with things despite having young children about the place. How do they do it? Mine seem intent on sabotaging any act of DIY by either creating such a fuss that the piece of work takes three times as long as it should, or simply by trashing another room so the work is never done.
I'm writing this as someone who spent the weekend practically tearing her hair out in frustration at the impossibility of raking up leaves in the garden without tantrums being thrown and a seemingly never ending stream of demands being issued. Still the leaves did get raked, and the veggie patch partially weeded so it was not the utterly fail that it felt.
Today though this got done

This is our bathroom window in the process of being stripped. It was painted closed some time in the past so it's difficult to get air into the bathroom with the result that mould is beginning to darken the room. Hopefully in stripping it the window will be unsealed.


Isabelle said...

Yes, I have no idea either. The joy of being a grandparent is that you're not trying to do other things - you just devote your day to entertaining the small person and do the other stuff when they've gone home.

No, no news here! Nails being bitten...

velcro said...

I thought the joy of grandparenting was to wind up small grandchildren until they hit hyper mode then hand back to parents and make a quick escape