23 March 2016

How time flies

Three years ago I wrote about my awe for families who accomplish tasks whilst pulling out my hair with frustration. We had been in the garden trying to rake up the leaves that had over wintered there, and begin the hell use task of weeding the veg patch.
Fast forward three years to last weekend when MrV, the Count, Ig and myself were once again removing leaves and weeding the veg patch. And once again Ig and the Count were squabbling. But now we have a solution. MrV gave them a warning, and when the bickering continued, set them both to work helping to rake up the masses of leaves. Success!!!!

Very slowly I feel like I'm getting a grip on this thing called life. We are edging forward, by millimetres it's true, with the decorating; we've adopted two cats - Elgar (after Ed Reardon's Week) and Professor McGonagall (aka Fessy or Pestulence) who are sisters. Despite coming to us as teeny wee kittens they seem to have metamorphosised into huge furry things intent only in stalking and killing birds (Fessy) or sponges (Elgar).

Yes sponges. No, I don't know why. But if you live near me and find your cleaning equipment disappears regularly I apologize.

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Pam said...

Gosh. Hello again! Welcome back to the land of Blog.