18 June 2007


Imagine if you will a calm, collected space. Perhaps there is a bubbling stream, some willow trees, all very green, very calm, very peaceful. Ok, now imagine a more jaggedy space, the stream has become a roaring river full of rapids and violent waterfalls, and the trees have that winter look - the one that makes their branches look like witches fingers grasping for the sky. I currently inhabit the latter, but with the help of my cross stitch (works like meditation I find), lorryloads of chocolate, and Miami Ink I am working on leaving that land and moving into the more peaceful one. And it does work, until I remember that we are moving house in less than 2 weeks and the list of things to be done now takes up 5 pages in my notebook. However, and we must be Pollyanna in these situations (though I must confess to loathing the book as a child) and look at the positives..

1. The packers have been booked so at least we don't have to try and pack our over cluttered flat (including 2000 books)
2. Stress is very good for losing weight.
3. The house has a dishwasher. Have I told you that already? And a dryer! Utter bliss.

Now I shall pick up my needle and cotton and return to the lotus position. Ohmm


Ali said...

Oh, buy shoes - it works for me! El Naturalista since you asked - Google them - you can get them in quite a few places.

daysgoby said...

You are a brave, brave girl....

kirsty said...

"I am calm, I am peaceful, I have meditated. You, on the other hand, have not meditated. You are a pain in the ass."
Remember that line from The Goodbye Girl? That movie so cracked me up twenty five years ago! It's kind of dated now, but still pretty funny. Peter and I quote that line at each other when one of us is stressing out.

caramaena said...

Do the packers also unpack? I've moved a few times and always done it myself (this could be why I hate moving!). It'd be great to have someone pack for me :D

Congrats on getting a dishwasher. I bought one a few years ago and I'd never not have one again!

Stomper Girl said...

Hmmm. I think if I had a new baby and an imminent move I wouldn't even aim for calm and collected. So seems to me you are already way ahead of the game there.

I've got a dishwasher!! His name is Mr. Fixit. But what I really want is a housemaid.

Aunty Evil said...

I just love the titles you give your posts!

Look, you take everything way too seriously. You have to think outside the square.

1. Don't pack
2. Don't move one thing out of its current location
3. Ignore vacate date
4. Landlord evicts you
5. They throw all your stuff onto the verge.
6. Book removalist truck to come and pick it up.


Can't help with the moving in part though, sorry.

Isabelle said...

Some day this will all seem like a picturesque detail in your life as a young mum. Meanwhile, keep up with the deep breathing. The house sounds great, though! Hope the Count is still doing the through-the-night bit.

meggie said...

Oh yes to a dishwasher! Best thing we ever got!
How lucky to have packers! Hope they unpack for you too.
A stressful time.
Try to remember the OHMMMM!

rivergirlie said...

more like ohhhhmigod! try gin