04 September 2007


Well here we are at the end of the alphabet. We've successfully navigated the twisty little maze of passages, avoided any dwarfs with axes, treasure stealing pirates, and scared off the giant snake in the Hall of the Mountain King.*

Normal service will resume shortly with daring tales of moth-fights; and "Singer, or how I learned to love the sewing machine".

*No, I've not gone mad, it's from Collossal Adventure


Aunty Evil said...

I have no idea what Collossal Adventure is, so I will just keep thinking you have lost your marbles.

meggie said...

I, too have no idea of Collossal Adventure.
I do have some knowledge of the sewing machine terror...not personal, but expressed by a DIL. Who is now gone... sob.

sueeeus said...

Hall of the Mountain King... reminds me of Peer Gynt, I think. Fabulous tympani, if I'm thinking of the right music. I haven't been by your blog in a while -- I like your alphabet-themed posts!

nutmeg said...

I await the Singer sewing machine posts with bated breath as I need to get a new one myself as the demand for fairy costumes etc etc increases daily here.

And as to losing weight I am only now in a place where I am doing some exercise etc to try and shift my second baby bulge. Unless you are Posh Spice breastfeeding makes you twice as hungry and therefore your body is programming you to keep the weight where it is so you can continue to give the little count all the refreshment he needs (and his heart desires!)

velcro said...

Tis a computer game dating from the 70s; is completely textbased (only graphic to be found is on the front cover); and is based on a cave in the US I think.

Am very sorry to hear about your DIL Meggie.