17 October 2006

He's asleep

Today was FirstBorn's first day at nursery and it went rather well i thought. He was perfectly happy to play by himself without me near him
for at least half an hour. Then, as MrV is off to Stuttgart tonight FB and I went into town to meet him for lunch.
Dinner was an exciting Chickpea and Leek soup with pasta and tonight, because it was just FB and me
we had dinner by green candlelight. FB was very excited by this and wanted desperately to blow the candle out but he's
too small i think.
You know what i am finding frustrating. i am writing reasonably witty (well i think so) blogs in my head
all day and then as soon as i come to actually writing something properly i go all dull and lifeless.
FB found out about the Peanut last night. He asked me if i have a baby in my tummy so i of course said "yes".
He then looked down the front of my top, couldn't see a baby so looked up the botttom of my top and still nothing "mummy where is it?" "it's in my tummy" i said, "but i can't see it" he said. He wants a sister he says, i think he hopes she'll be like Lola (off Charlie and Lola)

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Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I like Lola - FB could do worse.