24 October 2006

It's Tuesday

The little guy has not been well today. He's fallen over, wet himself, cried all the way home and just not been himself. Alas any attempts to get him to take an afternoon nap resulted in screams of anguish and finally a quiet voice shouting through "but i'm not tired mummy". He's up now. Clashing terribly in an orange tshirt and red pj bottoms. pale, eyes partially closed. i'm on migraine alert. i think he's up for another attack. poor guy he's only 3.

where did the weekend go? On Saturday MrV decided that it would be fun if we went for a walk so we did..through St James Park, past Buck Palace, through Green Park and onto Knightsbridge and my favourite place in the world - Harrods. nothing bad can ever happen in Harrods, except tourists and other shoppers and people who insist on standing forever in my path. oh but the beautiful Italian man who held the door open for me....made up for getting soaked in the rain on Park Lane. We took the wee guy to a pizzeria for lunch and i have never been prouder of him. he gave his order to the waitress, sat beautifully waiting for his food to arrive and didn't try to a. climb under the table, b. run around the room shouting c. hold conversations with his parents at full volume. i think he might be on the way to being restaurant trained. yippeee!

sleeping getting better finally. i've had two good nights' sleep in a row and today i started back at the gym. last pregnancy i ended up the size of a small blue whale so am determined not to make the same mistake this time. and on that topic tonight's dinner is taken from Twelve . I love her books and have all of them. This is the first time I've cooked from Twelve though (making chickpea soup as the wee guy loves chickpeas) so I shall be interested to see how it goes.

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