25 July 2007

Organise me, please!

So my quest to become organised continues. Another home, another plan; this one is called Motivated Moms. Basically it's a calendar which a list for each day of stuff that has to be done. Some of it isn't relevant like coupon clipping, and some needed translation from US Eng to UK Eng ie the weekly purse clean out which I completely misunderstood, but it has got me doing things that I wouldn't previously have even thought about such as washing the front of the dishwasher. Ok I've never had a dishwasher before (note drinking straws do not cope well being washed in a dishwasher) but even if I had I doubt I would have thought of doing it.
Today one of my chores was to clean the bathroom windows. Inside is fine, I can reach them but the outside ones pose a bit of a problem as the windows either open outwards or upwards.

The whole thing with the neighbouring children is still ongoing. The older child is here at present playing with the FB. In fairness to him he is very good with little kids and seems to have limitless patience for playing with playdough and duplo. The other little boy is avoiding here like the plague after I had words with him yesterday. Ah well.

And still it rains.


meggie said...

Sod the Rain!! You poor things, over there. What have you done to piss nature off to this extent??
Glad the lad has patience with littlies. Some kids just naturally love kids.
I cant help on the organise front, call me Ms Messy!!

nutmeg said...

Look at all that rain! You've certainly had your fair share. Now don't get too carried away at Motivated Moms - I'm sure all that rain has created a whole bunch of extra headaches for you to attend to.

Mrs Thistletwat said...

These days I'm lucky if I get round to showering and getting dressed, let alone stuff that can wait like cleaning windows or fronts of dishwashers. Short of getting more hours in a day, things aren't likely to change much in the Thistletwat household and that thing will only serve to infuriate.

velcro said...

MrsT I found the same thing with the FB when he was a tiny baby, but it's different with the Count who is quite content to lie under his gym and gurgle at the toys hanging down. The FB would have just screamed if I had tried that. With the FB it took until he was 9 months old before I could have any time during the day to do anything as he would nap only in my arms and nowhere else.