13 July 2007


Woohoo we've got internet (and television too) AND it's stopped raining. We've still not finished unpacking. There are boxes of stuff lying about, but not that many, and none of the book boxes have been unpacked as the bookcases are still lying in pieces in the loft.

I promised a photo of the books and here it is. This is only 2/3s of them. The rest were still safely sitting on their bookcases waiting to be taken off so the shelves could be dismantled.

That's Froggy by the way wandering in and wondering what on earth we are up to.

My mother in law found us a gorgeous park near us complete with cricket grounds. It is like being in a little village somewhere in England when you see the cricketters in their whites. The difference between our old home in Tooting (twinned with a crater on Mars) and this place is incredible.

I give you - the view from my kitchen window. There are, to my father's disappointment, no fish in the stream opposite.


Molly said...

It's nice to see green outside while you're slogging away at the dishes!

Stomper Girl said...

Nearby parks very important for families with boys! Not that girls don't love parks too, just that the 'boy energy' MUST be released outdoors at least once a day.

nutmeg said...

Oh good for you guys - anything green is great to look at out the kitchen window (and the little river, what a bonus). Glad you found a nice place (to store all those books too!)

Aunty Evil said...

Welcome back, we missed you! Well, I did, anyway.

Love the view from the window, I am glad you are in a nice area now!

You know, your father could always put some fish in there for his own pleasure! :)

rivergirlie said...

that looks lovely! it'll put you in a good mood every day from the very first cup of tea

Fairlie said...

You have a view! A room with a view is so very desirable.

Good luck with the rest of the unpacking. My rule of unpacking is 'do about 90 percent straightaway then leave the remaining 10 percent until about two weeks before you next move house!'

meggie said...

What a lovely restful view to calm your nerves while on kitchen duties.
So nice to hear you are so happy with your new abode. Hope the Count is happy?

h&b said...

Oh ! A stream !!


caramaena said...

What a lovely view :)

Welcome back and good luck with the unpacking. I think I still have a box or two around the place still packed from my last move (er almost 8 years ago...)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, it certainly looks like a lovely spot you've got there. I had friends who lived in Wallington and used to spend a fair bit of time down there, and you're right Tooting it aint.

Better not show Mr T the pile of books, I nag him enough to get rid of books to accommodate things like babies.