06 February 2007

Things that go bump

I had a really bad night last night. I woke up somewhere around 2am with a feeling that there was something not right in my home. The feeling was so strong that it took me quite some time to pluck up enough courage to get out of bed to do a walkaround. All the rooms were pitch black except for the living room where the blue glow from the button on the front of the TV cable box gave off enough light for the outlines of the furniture to be seen. The middle of the couch that I usually sit on (and where I am sitting at present) was in darkness and giving off vibes of simply pure evil. I turned round and walked out, went to check on the FB and then returned to bed to lie wide awake for another couple of hours. Every once in a while the FB's door would thump as if someone was pushing it from the inside but each time it happened I would check on him and nothing was there.

This morning the creepy feeling in the flat is still there, and MrV told me that he has felt a bit odd walking around in the middle of the night.

But it put me in mind of a night about 14 years ago. I had watched, stupidly, Amityville 1992 which revolves around a living room clock taken from the original house. When the clock struck 3 (am and pm) horrible things happened. Now when I watched the film I was in Saudi visiting my parents and had forgotten to bring my watch, so my mother kindly lent me her little travelling clock which unfortunately had the same sounding tick as the clock in the film. One night I was feeling particularly creeped out and couldn't sleep so at 3am I was wide awake with the lights on in my room with one eye half on the clock when the bedroom door opened.


My float said...

You're officially freaking me out. What happened when the door opened?!

daysgoby said...

Poor K!

I would have screamed and not stopped screaming.

But y'know, it was probably the dildo owner. hee!

Molly said...

The door opened , AND...???The suspense is killing me!

Anonymous said...

There's a Stephen King novel in this post just waiting to be written!

meggie said...

What? what??? Please dont leave us dangling...

Having lived with ghosts in a 100+ year old half empty Hotel, once used as a morgue, I have felt all sorts of weird prescences!
You set the mood.

aunty evil said...

ha ha, you are making up for your boring pre-school walk now, aren't you velcro? :)

I watched Dracula when I was young. My mum and dad were going out, I had strict instructions not to watch TV past 8.30, but did I listen? nah! Anyway, in the movie, the bat landed on the curtain and that just creeped me out.

When I went to bed, very late, the curtain was gently blowing with the breeze, I couldn't sleep for watching that damn thing!

To this day, bats freak me right out!

kirsty said...

That is seriously freaky. I am a believer. And what's this with the dildo? How did I manage to miss that??

h&b said...

Oooh spooky !

I spook myself out too ;)
When my husband it out of town, I have a mobile phone under my pillow, a knife under the mattress, and a golf club under the bed.

But i'm getting better as the years go on. Can't let the kidlet know he's mum's a complete and raving nutter ! :)

h&b said...

and yes, what's with the dildo ?