12 February 2007

Whinging Pom alert

I have a dream, admittedly probably not the same as Dr King's as mine involves shopping. I would dearly like it if the apparel I have bought would continue to fit when I get home. In the last 10 days I have purchased
  • 2 pairs of maternity jeans - one just a little on the small side, the other needs drastic hemming
  • 2 maternity tops - both shrunk on their first wash (at 30C), one so badly it had to be taken back, the other only a little. Note to self do not buy any more tops from Next as they always always shrink.
  • a pair of shoes (discovered old ones leak terribly when it snowed) - despite being the same size, brand, colour and style as the old ones, these fit differently and are rather on the large size (I thought your feet were supposed to swell during pregnancy, obviously mine shrink).
  • 2 pairs of maternity bras - normally my downfall; bras usually fit in the shop then, once home, either inexplicably expand so much that each cup can be used to carry several pounds of potatoes, or shrink to the size of eggcups thus creating that four breasted look. Yum sexy! However, this time I got measured so, 3 days later, the bra still fits and the straps don't fall down. Hurrah!

Obviously the weirdness that was in my livingroom last week also affects clothing sizes. Either that or I'm going to have to lay off the chocolate. Or join a blind nudist colony.


meggie said...

You made me laugh about the bras. I blogged about the agony of buying bras- they never fit once you get home! But fitting sounds like a good idea- especially since I have one A & one C cup!LOL.
Strange about your shoes though!

angelfeet said...

Next never works for me, even though I'm not even pregnant. I go in there with such aspirations and am constantly dissapointed.

If you ever get an allotment, those overgenerous bras could come in handy!

But whatever you do, don't lay off the chocolate!

velcro said...

the trousers are almost the right length for my miniature legs but every single top has shrunk on the first wash.

How is Jenny?

velcro said...

Realise that last post made no sense as forgot to put in the magic words "from Next" between trousers and almost.

angelfeet said...

Thanks for asking, Jenny is fine. She improved during the week, and was back to normal. However, she rather spectacularly threw up on Friday evening - although impressively managed to get it all in the toilet. Having cleaned her up, she then trotted downstairs and tucked into a Chinese take away with no further repercussions. Bizarre how robust these kids can be.

(Sorry if too much detail there!)

Anonymous said...

My maternity bras can double up as 2 large shopping bags when Little Miss Troubletwat is born.

I know what you mean about Next clothes' amazing shrinking trick - just add water and hey presto your size 12 becomes a size 6. Wish it'd work on my bum!

velcro said...

wait till you get nursing bras MrsT; those maternity bras will seem like little delicate wisps of lace.

nutmeg said...

It's the bloody lighting in the change rooms! I was having a whinge about this just yesterday! Oh goody I can have another whinge here! That awful bright lighting that shows good stuff as bad and vice versa. Really, a shop that installs realistic lighting would surely make a killing. See, Aussies can be good whingers too!

Glad to hear that the bras at least were good. And that four breasted look - not pretty. Nearly as good as the muffin top ;-)

Stomper Girl said...

Why why why should foot size change during pregnancy? It is SO unfair. Do you know how many pairs of really tight tap-shoes I now own?

I have never heard of shrinking feet though. You'll have to buy a whole lot of thick socks. At least you're in the right climate zone for that.

Can't believe you guys won the cricket.

velcro said...

Scotland beat Australia at cricket? I hope they were wearing the official Scottish cricketting tarten and, as per the 1837 Stirling ruling, were bowling a well cooked haggis.

angelfeet said...

Now, now, K, you know Stomper Girl meant England. Go on, you're allowed to share in the glory when we win, and then you can disown us when we cock it up mightily :)

velcro said...

Sorry Angelfeet I really couldn't resist, though you have to admit the sight of a few burly scotsmen bowling haggises at some rather confused Aussies is quite a fun one.

angelfeet said...

The haggises are your secret weapons, without a doubt!