23 March 2007

Brought to you by the letter K

I won the letter K in Peasoup's scrabble meme, and I believe (haven't checked mind) that you are supposed to list 10 things beginning with your letter with either a photo or a paragraph to accompany each one. Perhaps I should read the instructions first.


1. MrV. My favourite K. Yes I know. MrV, three letters, none of which is the kicking k. But, MrV is not his real name, which does begin with a K so hah! Definitely my favourite K. I should post my reasons but I won't. He reads my blog and if I did list his best atributes he would either blush with embarrassment or gently point out which ones I had missed

2. Kindergarten. Most kindergartens and nurseries have an official pet whether it be a hamster, some goldfish, or in the case of the FB's, a tank of giant snails. Mine was a little different. We had a camel. OK he didn't actually belong to the kindergarten but he lived in the scrap of desert behind the kindergarten and spent his days with his head peaking over the wall watching us play. We called him Rudolf. Guess why.

3. Klutz, or to possibly invent a word, klűtzlich (to mean impossibly clumsy). I once split my right elbow open whilst shaving my legs. Need I say more?

4 and 5. When I was 18 I lived in Kalamazoo in Michigan with my then boyfriend. Alas, actually not alas, hurrah, things didn't work out and I ended up living with some of my family in Kanata in Canada.

6. Kitchens. MrV and I plan on building our own home one day. So far the only room I have planned out in my head is the kitchen. I dream of having a kitchen with enough storage, and sensibly planned too. One of the many downsides to renting is that landlords often have a very odd idea of how much storage to put in a kitchen and how to plan where the cupboards should be. Mine has also very kindly built in a catproof mouserun. I can only imagine he lies awake at night worried about the amount of exercise mice should be getting and can't because of our pesky cats.

7. karma. I have a strong belief in karma, though like most people I get the basics wrong. I believe that if you do something good in this life you are rewarded in this life, do something bad and well you get the picture. But it's not like that. Your reward or punishment comes in the next life or so they say, which is a little late I think.

8. Kan't get it out of my head (sorry I'm cheating a little) - David Bowie's Life on Mars. MrV and I have been watching the first series of the BBC program of the same name and the song is stuck going round and round in my head. Good show though. Worth watching if it comes to a tv screen near you

9. Kűchen (cakes) preferably chocolate, though not German. Am not a big fan of German cakes they are a little too heavy for me, and not nearly chocolatey icing enough. But yum cakes. and doughnuts. and well just call me Homer.

10. Kurses, it's after midnight and time for me to go to bed with my bump pillow. Goodnight all.


Molly said...

I thought this would be so easy. i got the letter J. Still mulling it over. we must have been exposed to different German bakers. My friend H made the most divine confections...and how about all the yummy cakes waiting for you at the end of every volksmarch?

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Hmmm, Rudolf the Red Nosed Camel?

meggie said...

I enjoyed your Ks, even if you cheated just a leetle.
The Camel is certainly intriguing??

velcro said...

I feel sorry for the people who got Q, X and Z!

Perhaps the local baker was just bad at baking cakes as I remember being completely unimpressed. Now the cheese rolls you can get, that's a different story!

I never went on a volksmarch - I was a 17 year old and this was my first year paroled from institutionalised (boarding school) education where I had spent 7 years doing communal stuff.

velcro said...

Congratulations MrsT you win today's star prize - sleep deprivation. You can pick it up any time from the beginning of July 2007.

(I'm not a vet so I have no idea why the camel had a permanently red nose)

velcro said...

I know I cheated Meggie, I was really struggling

Isabelle said...

I enjoyed your Ks - at first I was a bit "Aww, K's my favourite letter" and then I thought, hmm, I see your problem. Koalas are very nice (at least seen from the distance of Scotland) but then what? Well done, anyway, despite the slight cheating.

Liz said...

You lived everywhere, no? Have you already written the post that explains how you come to be living everywhere from the middle East to the far reaches of Kalamazoo. Must be a very interesting tale.

nutmeg said...

I konkur with Liz! (I think for two commnts in a row now!) You seemed to have lived "everywhere man".

Good effort on the K's ;-)

Suse said...

Very jealous that you had a camel.

We just had guinea pigs.

(Thanks for playing!)