19 March 2007

Make Your Mind Up Will You

The Nor' wind blows and in a trice
What was water now is ice
What sweet rippling water was
Now bewitched is into glass

We used that poem in handwriting class in Primary 6 and that's all I can remember of it. Can't find it on the web alas so I can't even tell you who wrote it, but it has stuck in my head for almost 2 1/2 decades.

Last week Spring had sprung, the daffs were in bloom, cherry blossom adorned the trees and the sun shone gloriously. Over the weekend the wind started up from the north and carried the smell of snow with it. Today, ok the sun is shining as I type, but we've had thunder, sleet and hail. No snow but that may still come. We're back to winter again. Nevermind, maybe tomorrow we'll have fast forwarded to my favourite season, Autumn.

(Rules of three going very well today. Kitchen, utility room and bathroom have clean floors, or rather had. The FB is now in the kitchen with his playdough.....)


caramaena said...

Well done with the rule of three!

My float said...

You remembered a poem from sixth class?? I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I remember that poem as well from primary school.