27 March 2007

Varying Shades of Beige

Things have been a little blah around here recently. The FB has come down with yet another cold so he is feeling very sorry for himself, and MrV and myself are suffering from sleep deprivation. It is not fun sharing your bed with a three year old but it's that or get up every ten minutes to give him cuddles when he cries. And we're on the lookout for spots - chickenpox has invaded his nursery oh joy!

And when we do manage to get the FB to sleep in his own bed my mind won't shut up long enough to let me sleep, instead it insists on partying all night with my bladder. Grrrrrr

So some thoughts that come to me in the middle of the night

This pregnancy feels like it has gone on for a year already and I'm starting to worry that it isn't going to end. That the Peanut will just stay on in there and I really really want my sense of smell and taste back, not to mention being able to roll over in bed without the pops and cracks of my pelvis and subdued gasps of pain to accompany me.

This weekend we are decluttering. I want rid of the rubbish in our bedroom now. I'm fed up with things piled on top of other things and just want to get stuck in.

Koalas - Isabelle you genius. I could have used this word in my list. My Grandfather brought me back a koala from Australia (they must have stopped off en route to the UK from New Zealand where they lived) which if I remember correctly, and family lore is to be believed, was made of real koala fur. It was incredibly soft but wasn't very appealing to a small child.

The other word I could have used was Kin. I come from a very small immediate family but have a huge extended family spread out all over the world. At one point there was at least one familial member on every continent bar Antartica - travel is in our blood. I'll do a post at some point on all the places I've lived I promise.


kirsty said...

Oooh! A cracking pelvis doesn't sound much fun! And you have no sense of smell? I got a hypersensitive sense of smell when I was pregnant.
Your koala may be made of kangaroo skin. That is still a really common thing for them to use. Kangaroos are so prevalent as to be a pest, whereas Koalas have been endangered and protected for a very very long time. Koala fur is long (2-3") and grey; kangaroo is shorter and tan/beige.
Hope the chicken pox don't eventuate. As if you need one MORE thing to deal with :)

velcro said...

I had the hypersenstive version when I was pregnant with the FB. I couldn't bear the smell of roast chicken. Mind you if you are changing cat litter trays which would you prefer?

I think you are right you know. I had a feeling that kangaroo may be involved but wasn't sure. I think it was tan but can't remember and it was given away many many years ago now. Another K word hurrah!

angelfeet said...

I hope you are very careful when you change the cat litter tray, due to the possibility of toxoplasmosis in their poo. You knew that, I'm sure, but I'm just being a fuss pot.

I'm sure the clocks going forward has a significant effect on children, on top of any ailments. Poor you, MrV and the FB!

velcro said...

am very careful angelfeet, but as they are indoor cats the chances of them having it is very small, even so I get MrV to do it as much as possible!

I wish they would stop with the whole clock changing thing. I can never remember which way the time goes

Mrs Thistletwat said...

I know how you feel about being pregnant, and I've got a few more weeks to go than you. A passing whaling boat is bound to see me and harpoon me soon.

You can have my hypersensitive sense of smell with great pleasure. It works best when sat next to people with poor personal hygiene and kebab shops.

velcro said...

There is one good thing about a big bump MrsT, and that is that its vastness puts my bum and legs in perspective, on the otherhand I've developed a pinhead.

Molly said...

"Spring forward, fall back" is how I remember how the time change goes....To put a positive spin on the terminal pregnancy thing try to enjoy your last few weeks with only one munchkin to fuss over!

Ali said...

You aren't alone on the sick kid front. I have a 3yo with an ear infection and a hubby away on business - aaaaaaaaaargh. He had better bring back a good gift!

I totally lost my sense of smell and taste 2 Christmases ago and it just wasn't funny. I actually got really depressed at the thought of food being nothing but textured fuel for ever more.

But the good news is, pregnancy does always have an ending! Happy de-cluttering.

Isabelle said...

Gosh, it's a long time since I've been described as a genius. Or, no, now I come to think of it, I've never been described as a genius before. More, Velcro, more. I like your style.

meggie said...

When I had my last child, I thought she was going to be there forever, & false labours didnt help! She is still Mum's girl- at 37!
I had the sensitive smell, & vomitted every time I drank tea! Consequently, I have never drunk tea since!

Fairlie said...

Good luck with the decluttering, Velcro...nothing like a good declutter to lifts one's spirits, I say! I have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of months now.

velcro said...

I'll try to remember that in Autumn Molly when the clocks do their whole bouncing thing again.

Ali I hope your little one gets over his infection quickly, and that your hubby brings you an extra special present back. I am rather envious of the whole business trip thing.
My mum has to have injections every month otherwise her sense of smell and taste goes completely. We always know when it's time for the next injection by how spicey, tart etc her food is.

velcro said...

Isabelle, you're just going to have to keep coming up with the ideas.

Meggie, that sounds awful - the vomiting I mean. You've given me another reason to be thankful for my lack of sense of smell.

Welcome Fairlie. I can't wait to start decluttering. Keep going into the bedroom and gazing at the piles of rubbish and imagining them gone. Must must speak to downstairs neighbour about that dead christmas tree in the front yard.