25 May 2007

The House of Moths and other stories

I'm fairly sure that we are currently sharing our flat with most of the moth population of South London. From cute, dinky, little ones up to the big, furrybodied monster moths, they are all flapping about our place giving the cats a well earned workout. Shame we can't put up notices and declare ourselves a butterfly and moth farm, and thus open to the public (at a small fee of course).

The Count has settled into a nighttime routine. Unfortunately this routine seems to be: sleep fantastically and silently during the evening, wake up for a feed around 10 - 11pm, go back to sleep (again silently)then wake up as soon as parents go to bed, fill three nappies in quick succession, demand more food, then sleep making as much noise as possible so parents don't sleep fearing that the Vampire Baby is about to wake, until dawn when silence descends and the FB wakes up. Repeat until parents are nervous wrecks. This is a slight improvement on his first week of life I think though I could be hallucinating from sleep deprivation. We've taken to having a radio playing all night on Radio 7 (BBC radio station with plays, etc running all the time) in case the Count was unnerved by the sound of silence. Was Bela Lugosi this demanding I wonder?

And tomorrow we go to look at some flats. One in Dulwich and two in Sydenham. And like most of you I have no idea where these places are or what they are like. We shall have to wait and see.


Molly said...

Feel for you on the sleep deprivation. Nothing worse. It will, as you know, get better, but not[I hear you!] soon enough....At least your sense of humour seems to be surviving!

kirsty said...

Soon there will be no night time feeds, soon there will be sleep,soon he will be learning to drive and going to university.

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Stomper Girl said...

I hate moths. Where I grew up there was an annual plague of 'Bogong Moths" - big, brown, dirty things which just smashed endlessly into your window panes trying to reach the light. Ugh.

Excellent progress with young Count von Velcro. He'll be diurnal in under a month at this rate. Hang in there.

And good luck with the flat-hunting

meggie said...

Liitle Count von Velcro! Neat Stomper.
He will settle, but of course it seems each day is a week long.
Good luck with the flat hunting. Hate moving, & goodness knows I never seem to get any better at it!

angelfeet said...

I dispute the fact that you have all the moths in South London - some rather stupidly fluttered in through our open windows the other night and set about trying to fry themselves on whatever electric lights they could find.

Depends on which parts of Dulwich and Sydenham you will be venturing into. Sydenham is on the up (a recent addition being a gastro pub at the bottom of the high street) whilst Dulwich has long been considered to be better off, but has its own areas that might be on the up too. Hope you find something suitable, without too much pain.

My float said...

Oh, I feel for you. Sleep deprivation AND flat hunting. That's got to hurt.

Good luck with finding a lovely place.