26 May 2007

Well that was fun!

first flat - tiny, dingy, badly decorated and miles away from public transport
second flat - gorgeously decorated with a huge kitchen but in a council estate with some rather dodgy characters hanging about.
we gave up on the third.

plus sides? Well the FB was fantastic. We had to walk for several hours and he was incredibly patient about it all and only occasionally complained that he was running short of energy. The Count screamed throughout the first viewing but slept through the second, and best of all - let me have a good night's sleep last night.

So back to searching again.


meggie said...

The good night's sleep seems a very worthy trade-off for lack of luck in the flat hunting!

angelfeet said...

Oh well, I couldn't vouch for the flats, just the locations. Stay south of the river, they're a bit strange them lot over the water (and so she perpetuates the North/South London rivalry).

Great you had a better night. I remember it made all the difference.

kirsty said...

House-hunting can be so exhausting. No wonder the Count slept well! Hope you find something soon :)

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Dulwich and Sydenham are a bit like Nowheresvilles if you haven't got a car. Council estates are very hit and miss, either full of people with rocket launchers or people who pester you to put up signs to stop dogs upsetting their highly strung cats. Good luck!

Isabelle said...

Flat-hunting with a toddler and new baby... rather a character-building experience. Hope the Count gives you another good night and you find something good soon.

caramaena said...

I've moved around a little and done a bit of flat/house hunting. I always discounted the first few I was shown.

Wherever I've looked, it seems they always show the dregs first. I presume they do that in case you're desperate and they can dupe you into renting a dump.

Yay on the count giving you a good nights sleep :)

nutmeg said...

You've a lot on your plate Velcro - a young one and flat hunting! Maybe Mr V can take a digital camera around the next few flats and just show you the photos - may save you some time and some very important energy at this time of life!

Liz said...

The Count likes flat hunting! Keep doing it and maybe he'll keep sleeping. Whenever we got a good night out of the boys we always said, "Okay. Whatever you did today, do the exact same thing again tomorrow!" As if we'd finally unlocked the magic code to getting a baby to sleep and it was a combination of when you brushed your teeth, whether you showered and what you ate for lunch!

Caro said...

I'm glad the Count is sleeping better.

Maybe you can find a moth-free flat. That would be nice. LOL

I wish you good luck flat hunting. I hope your new one is even better than your old one for less money!

velcro said...

the good night's sleep seems to be very hit and miss. He's currently napping in my bedroom and has been for a few hours despite me playing music rather loudly and singing along incredibly out of tune.

Would love to stay south of the river, somewhere near Wandsworth Common or even Clapham but grrrr too expensive.

Would love MrV to be able to do the flathunting but it's just not possible. He is working every night until midnight on freelance and has to go up to Edinburgh for a wedding next weekend which he absolutely has to go to