06 May 2007

The Week that Was

During the last week we have

  • Had two stomach bugs (MrV and the FB). Despite being vomited on I managed not to catch it.
  • Got one eviction notice - Landlords are selling up and moving on and we have until the end of June to find a new home.
  • Washed lots of baby clothes, sheets and towels.
  • Almost put the pushchair together
  • Spent a large portion of each morning sitting in a cafe in Tooting Bec waiting to pick the FB up from nursery - saves walking home and then back up that Hill again you see, and they serve rather yummy cookies.
  • Thought that every single ache, pain and Braxton Hicks was "it" starting. It hasn't. Am still roughly the same size as the average aircraft carrier (even MrV has taken to calling me HMS Karen, you can imagine how well that went down!)


Anonymous said...

You need house hunting like you need a gaping hole in your head right now. Shame 'cos we booted out our crap tenants in Mr T's flat in Balham about 4 mths ago and flat's nearly sold. Good luck!

I know how you're feeling wondering if this is it, I'm averaging 5 Brackies an hour at the moment. In the meantime enjoy the rest and the cookies!

Ali said...

That landlord's got truly great timing! But hey, there's nothing like a newborn to make you decisive.

Our microwave broke when #2 was a couple of weeks old so I drove to the closest shop and bought the one nearest the door. Done deal.

Sending you great new home thoughts (at least it'll take your mind off the waiting...)

velcro said...

the landlord is being really decent and has said that they won't see us sleeping on the pavement and that they would extend the moving out time if necessary.
But we're still having to look for somewhere else and I think it will be a town in Oxfordshire or Bucks like High Wycombe, Aylesbury or Bichester.
On the otherhand the washing machine is on its last legs and it will be nice to have a garden for the summer (you know of course that it will end up being the wettest summer in UK history then)

MrsT I hope the BHs let up and give you a rest. They are BHs aren't they and not the real thing?

Anonymous said...

Glad your landlord isn't a Van Hoogstraten. They are BH's because they don't hurt much and there is still some give in the bulge when prodded hard. I figure the real things will make my eyes water and then some.

angelfeet said...

You're so calm about the house hunting. I think my head would have exploded! I know it ties in with your plans to move away from the gun-crime hotspot of the capital, but as had been said, not brilliant timing.

My client had her twins yesterday. I think from the timing of the births - one at 12 noon and the other at 12.57 - it was a natural delivery. They were certainly all home yesterday by 4.30 so it must have been without complication.

And their weights - well, I had expressed my doubts about the accuracy of the scan measures of weights and in fact Hannah was 6 lb 7 oz and Amy was 7 lb 4 oz. Now they have 4 kids under 5. I think I might go and lie down!

velcro said...

it's very easy to appear calm on a blog especially when I am selfmedicating with minstrels! In reality the idea of going househunting after a week of being on crutches is enough to raise my bloodpressure to danger zone.

Congrats to your client on her babies, and wow on getting out of hospital so soon. Is this the norm now - chucking out after a few hours? I was very glad to hear that they weren't as big as the docs thought.
My sis told me about the sister of a friend of hers who was told off by her doc and midwife because they thought that as she was so skinny the baby wasn't getting enough food and was going to be small. They were so worried that she was induced, and gave birth to a 9lb baby.

Surfing Free said...

Hee hee .. we need to compare bumps! I bet mine is bigger!!! I'm like an enormous ball with legs and boobs.

velcro said...

Surfing, last Saturday at 8.15 I rolled over in bed and this happened http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/6602677.stm

Fairlie said...

Oh..just what you need...an eviction notice. Hope you find something suitable quickly, with a nice garden for summer.

LOL at the earthquake reference...I soooo know what you mean - that was me with both my girls!

Caro said...

It sounds like Mr. V needs to change all poopy diapers from here on out!

Stomper Girl said...

Glad your landlord not throwing you on the street but *puts on Chandler Byng voice* could his timeing BE any worse?! *ends CB voice*

Good luck with all the Braxton Hickses.

velcro said...

To be fair Caro I'm not telling you all the lovely things he does - like take the FB swimming in Wimbledon yesterday morning, and to the park this morning so I could have a lie in; and he has just spent the last hour cleaning the flat because I can't. The two of them are off out at present "puddling" and getting the ingredients for a Victoria Sponge to bake this afternoon.

meggie said...

Good luck with it all. Househunting can be rather stressful.

Molly said...

Just think how much higher you'll sit in the water after you unload your cargo....

caramaena said...

Ack, house hunting, being the only well person in the household and then being called HMS Karen???

When it rains it pours huh?

Hope you find a nice new place really easily :)