05 August 2007

E is for Embroidery

I started to learn how to embroider yesterday with help from a children's website. Kids' websites are much better for these sort of things because their diagrams and instructions are far clear than those written for adults. I read a lot of craft blogs and am always very envious of their skills and the beautiful things they produce. Plus I have loads of thread to use in so many fantastic bright colours


Ali said...

I am still reconciling 'I started to learn how to embroider yesterday' with that amazing collection of scrummy floss!

It's quite addictive isn't it (just learning too).

velcro said...

I do cross stitch ali hence the massive collection of floss. It is addictive, I've been drawing swirls on cotton and embroidering over them this afternoon.

Fairlie said...

That is a pretty amazing 'floss' collection! (And to think I always thought floss was something you used between your teeth...there's a whole world I'm missing out on).

Aunty Evil said...

What, you don't have enough to do already? :)

meggie said...

Bravo for trying to learn stitchery too! My daughter used to do cross stitch, & hand sewn patchwork, & quilts. Then she learnt about machine quilting & patching, & she was off running.
You wondered on my blog what UFO's are. They are patches not 'yet' used in an Un Finished Object! Sometimes we patchworkers start something we decide can wait... sometimes for ever!! haha!
Hope the Count continues to delight. Pics?? Please. Old tarts like me need regular baby fixes!!

Isabelle said...

How on earth can you start a new hobby when you have a new baby????

Is your husband an anaesthetist, maybe?

velcro said...

I suppose you could try and use it to clean your teeth with but I'm not sure if it would work. I'll let you experiment Fairlie!

Meggie I was going to post a baby photo today but Blogger wasn't having any of it.

Aunty, obviously I have far too much free time!

Isabelle he has days when he seems to just sleep, feed and explode, and others when he's awake long enough to giggle, grin and gurgle (tomorrow's entry perhaps?) and yesterday was a sleepy one.