16 August 2007

Missed a few days (Aunty spider mentions below)

M is for

Mother. Of which I am one (if you haven't guess this then where have you been?).

Massive Spiders. My house isn't exactly infested with them but does have slightly more than I would like residing under my roof AND they aren't paying rent. I thought I was ok around spiders but apparently not if they are a certain size; little spiders are fine, tarantulas are fine, giant house spiders that snarl and drip foam from their fangs are not. Fortunately the Penguins think spiders are little toys for them to chase and then their basic dissection procedures on. Now our kitchen floor is littered with abandoned legs. I dread to find the torso.

Monkeys. My grandfather was in the Merchant Navy during and post WWII. On one of his trips away he purchased a monkey and brought it back to Britain with him. Alas it had to be given away to a zoo because it kept escaping from the house and stealing the neighbours' laundry off the washing lines.

Music. Drum and Base, Techno and R&B are NOT music but a form of aural torture.


daysgoby said...

Re: The Big Uns - Anything eight legged that has a face and I can SEE IT STARING AT ME AND PLOTTING MY DEMISE gets a swift call for backup. Anything else - mice, snakes, bugs, small spiders - I can handle. Just not the MANY-LEGGED CREATURES OF DOOOOOM.

See - my cats eat the bodies (like m&ms!Or popcorn!) and leave the legs strewn about for the kids to find. "No! That's NOT Charlotte! I promise!"

caramaena said...

spiders.... [sticks fingers in ears and chants 'not listening, not listening']

add country and western to your music list and I'd agree with you there.

mrs t said...

Why am I getting a mental image of a cross dressing chimp nicking women's underwear, or have I worked with the nutters of Wandsworth for too long?

Aunty Evil said...

[joining in the chanting with Caramaena] LA LA LA LA LA

meggie said...

The monkey didnt smoke by any chance did it? Just thinking of what happened to my knickers.
Critters are all ok, but spiders....eeek.

angelfeet said...

I wonder if it's all the rain that are bringing out the arachnids. Sorry to freak you but my Rosie loves spiders and will happily push people aside so that she can pick them up and take them outside.