10 August 2007


When I was young I used to go raspberry picking with my grandfather so my grandmother could make raspberry jam. She was an absolutely hopeless cook. In fact one of my father's siblings bought her a sign as a Christmas present that read "Dinner is served at the sound of the smoke alarm". My uncle blamed my aunt and she in turn blamed my uncle for the present but the sentiment was true, my gran could burn water. Her sausages were legendary, and were nicknamed Granny's Rusty Sausages for she would grill them, put them in the fridge, and then fry them when she wanted to eat them; so their skins were incredibly tough and well, rusty.

But she could make the most delicious jam.


caramaena said...

lol! I think my cooking skills are on par with your grandmother's - except I can't make jam :D

J does the cooking in our house (well, he does if he wants edible dinners!)

florence said...

hehe- i love the sound of your grandmother! she sounds a little like mine, who cooks on mass, but it is a matter of quantity over quality. last year she made some deadly plum puddings, not even the cockroaches were game to touch

Stomper Girl said...

I've burned water. And homemade raspberry jam is one of my fave things.

Aunty Evil said...

Oh I want one of those signs!! What a cack!

Poor granny, at least she had good jam to salvage her dignity with.

velcro said...

She was a truly terribly cook. She had to replace her saucepans once a year because they were so wrecked from having food burnt in them all the time.

And like you Caramaena, if they wanted a edible meal my grandfather would have to cook. Unfortunately he could only cook one thing - roast pheasant, potatoes and vegies.

Hello Florence and welcome!

I love raspberry jam too Stomper, and hers was lovely, more syrupy than shopbought jam.

Her bad cooking, Aunty, did little to dent her dignity!

My float said...

It's a very good thing she retained her dignity despite poor cooking skills!

Those sausages sound, mm...delicious! :P

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Oh I missed this one. I'll be jam making tomorrow weather and Miss T permitting, I'll bring along some genuine Streatham Common blackberry jam!