17 May 2009

beige beige and more beige

Things are getting on top of me again. The house is a pig sty, the laundry is piling up and I'm getting absolutely nowhere on any of my freetime stuff. When we were in Wallington I had a routine and it worked, and since moving up here I just can't get a routine in place. I try but it just doesn't work and so nothing gets done and I am getting so frustrated by it all. I think that was (apart from the Ikea coffee mornings with MrsT) the only good thing about Wallington, the bad things are too many to list! So any suggestions on how to get over this?

On a daily basis I have to do the following
get myself and the boys up, dressed etc
take the FB to school
do the housework
go to the gym
do laundry
cook dinner
have playtime with the Count
do something of my hobbies

not much huh but none of it (bar getting the FB to school and cooking dinner) actually ever gets done. I have a fantastic book called Time Management for Manic Mums that tells you how to get your life in order and do things not just that you have to do but also stuff that you want to do; and I follow it and make lists of what I want to do and then never actually do it. Its very frustrating and infuriating and many other words meaning exactly the same thing

Any suggestions very welcome!


Caro said...

I'm the same way. It never gets finished. For housework, I've heard flylady.net is good.

I may be trying it myself.

velcro said...

I've tried flylady three years ago and it worked really well, and then I had to go away and got out of the routine and never got back in again. Perhaps I should give it another go

Anonymous said...

I still miss our coffee mornings, I haven't been to Ikea much since, lack of funds being the damp squib.

Routines, hmmm. I wouldn't know one if it ran up and bit me on the bum. Doesn't it take up valuable time that could be spent loafing writing lists and getting really organised? I find aiming low, and I mean really low as in having takeaway delivery companies on speed dial helps. After then anything you do is a bonus. Works for me anyway (well it does for the next couple of weeks and I go back to work).