19 May 2009

day three and things are still going well. Our bathroom has a very old enamelled bath which currently sports a not so pleasant ripple pattern on it. The bath didn't start out with this pattern, it gained it over many years of sloppy cleaning, and I am trying to get rid of it. Unfortunately the blasted stuff seems impervious to all bar one cleaning product and the one exception so far only fades the marks rather than remove them. But we shall continue and maybe one day it will be gone, probably in time for us to move out.

Spent the afternoon with a friend and her children. One is in the FB's class and the other a few years ahead. Was good to sit and talk about books, politics and organic vegetables and not discuss children and the usual stuff for a change.


Isabelle said...

Do you know, I think I can count the number of times I've had a conversation about organic vegetables on the fingers of.. well, possibly no hands. You sound as if your conversation would have fitted nicely into The Archers. Well, the org veg bit.

K said...

Isabelle, you have occasionally talked to me about my vegetables. (Or I have talked at you about them, which might not be quite the same.) They're organic. Or "left to their own devices" might be a better description, actually.