17 May 2009

beige continued but with a hint of sunshine

Well after a walk to the playground, a stroll to Blackwells for a book of Burns poetry, and then a trip to Black Medicine for a chocolate milkshake I'm feeling a bit more upbeat. I've got to get this malaise beat otherwise I'm never going to get anything I want done and we'll all end up wearing filthy clothes and living on takeaways. So I decided that I'm going to make myself do one thing a day towards one of my personal goals, and a couple of things for the housework.
We also came up with a few rules for the boys which will be stuck up on the kitchen wall. They're simple rules like only one toy out at a time, no hitting, you know the sort of thing.

So my thing for today was to put my list of books to read onto the excel spreadsheet where I'm currently inventorying the books. Eventually that spreadsheet will go back onto my phone and when I'm in a bookshop or library and pondering whether or not to get something I'll know if I've got it or not. Next step is to go through the pile of magazines and look at their book suggestions.
Housework front? Dishes done, laundry will go on tonight, boys' room tidy as is the hall and livingroom.


Isabelle said...

Yes, I know. It's so hard to find time to oneself and let me tell you, this continues even when your children are older. Then you have parents to take up your time... not to say paid employment...

(Yes, I think the student can certainly complain. I'm making sure the college reports the problem to the SQA in case we need to appeal. But I think she'll probably have calmed down and done ok. I hope.)

Nice to see you back!

Caro said...

Mmmm, chocolate milkshake.

velcro said...

Isabelle I have my hands over my ears (yes while typing, am damn dexterous with my toes you know!) chanting "la la I can't hear you", when those boys hit 18 I'm explaining to them the joys of renting their own place.
Am glad to hear she can complain and that you think she did ok.

chocolate milkshake very nice!