20 May 2009


I wish I knew an electrician who could come round and check out the wiring in this place. Our main lights, the ones that hang from the ceiling, keep blowing. Last night my bedroom light went so now we have no ceiling lights in one bedroom, the livingroom and the kitchen. And they are so a pain to change. Edinburgh ceilings, in old flats (by old I mean over a hundred years old) tend to be pretty high so ladders are needed not chairs when new lightbulbs are required. But this is the second time our bedroom bulb has gone in less than a year which to me is a bit too frequent. Electricity seems to be our curse. In Tooting we had exactly the same problem with lightbulbs, in Wallington it was appliances that kept going on the blink, and here we're back to lightbulbs with the odd flaming shower chucked in.

Was it yesterday I mentioned the mice? Or the day before? Doesn't matter because I was gropping about in the kitchen last night looking for the under cabinet over sink light when I heard skitter skitter skiddddd crash as a mouse shot across the floor, skidded round the corner into the wine cellar and crashed into something. Grrrr!


meggie said...

Eek another mouse. I suppose the little critters think indoors is the place to be, if it is still chilly.
We have had a spate of bulbs going out too, & I loathe the new mercury filled 'saver' bulbs.

Isabelle said...

My colleague S, who always has a list of splendid tradesmen, recommends Paul Foley, whose firm is called something like East West Electrical and whose phone number is 077031 76441. Very nice chap, according to S. Don't know what he charges, though. And he may not be a mouse eradicator...

Anonymous said...

(Puts surveyor hat on).

Frequently popping lightbulbs on their own are usually the lightbulbs themselves - if it's producing spark showers without tripping the fuse/RCD then you need a periodic electrical check with a NICEIC registered sparkie pronto.

Sorry you've still got the mice, but it sounds like this critter got more than he bargained for as he crashed. Lets hope it's the incentive it needs to sling its hook and rehome itself elsewhere, like in a little mouse house and not yours.