19 December 2008

Cool things about Edinburgh

I still can't believe we live in Edinburgh. Every morning I take the FB to school and look out across to see Arthur's Seat. It's an amazing view with the sun rising behind it. On my way home I can see the Castle almost at the end of the road. Still can't believe it though!

We've been bunkered down a lot recently. Partly because we don't know how long MrV's going to have his job for and partly because we seem to be catching every single cold and bug going about. Yesterday my sister called to say that her daughter, the FB's absolute favourite person, has come down with chickenpox... we are on spot watch.

The best thing though is the school playground. I'm not talking from the FB's point of view but from mine. In previous place I was completely ignored while waiting to pick up/drop off the FB but here? Well today after the kids went into school I went to the local coffee shop with a few of the parents for a drink and a natter. It's so so unbelievably nice to be able to do that.


Mrs T said...

Oh dear, poor FB (and the Count too most likely) with the impending pox! At least it'll be all over with before they can really remember properly, I had it aged 22 and it was not fun.

(Yes I am on the computer on Christmas Day, trying to wind down after the full-on Madam overexcitement experience!)

angelfeet said...

The pox doesn't always come when you expect it. My two were seemingly exposed many times, but only had it this year. Really glad Edinburgh is being so good for you. You were living in weirdtown before.