21 December 2008

The stars in the bright sky

Two years ago I first talked about making stars for the FB's bedroom, started making them (I think about 15 were cut out and that's all) before the incredible tiredness you get during the first trimester kicked in and I quit. Last year we all had spewmonia (yes it sounds delightful doesn't it) right before Christmas so making stars was again out of the question. But this year? Well I've cut out and decorated 97 stars in either silver or gold glitter - so far 66 in gold, the rest silver. I've another 59 stars waiting to be decorated but have run out of glue, and I've got to draw and cut out another 33 stars to be done in gold. Then they all have to be strung together and hung. By Thursday morning. Cutting it a bit fine amn't it! On top of that I've got a clove orange to make for myself and one that I've promised to make for one of the mums at school. I promise
to take a photo of it all when it's done. But for now I leave you with a photo of another little star.

He's walking


Isabelle said...

Oh Velcro, you've leapt into life when I wasn't watching. That is one very very cute little chap!

Glad you're so happy in Edinburgh. I never can understand why anyone would want to live in somewhere so big as London, but tend to think this is my Edincentric prejudice. Glad to have it confirmed!

Happy Christmas to all the Velcros.

daysgoby said...

He's a handsome guy! He looks full of mischief.

Mmm, I can almost smell the clove oranges...

meggie said...

Look at that gorgeous little fellow walking already!
You sneaked back while I wasn't watching. Thanks for the comment on mine.
I wish you a Merry Christmas & Good things for 2009.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the Count walking!

Could you get him to have a little word in Madam's shell? She is starting to stand independently but still won't let go and walk for more than a step until she remembers she can't.

Caro said...

You have got some of the cutest little boys in the whole wide world.