27 November 2006


I can feel the build up to Christmas pushing behind my head. There is so much that has to be done, and lots of little things that I would like to do that I am getting scared that it will all get out of control and become just one big stress. What has to be done:
Christmas cake needs to be made
Cards need to be written and sent
Presents need to be bought, wrapped and sent or arrange for delivery to fabulous sister who wraps things far better than me (maybe I should look into a course or a book on wrapping presents - put on todo list for next year/decade)
Tree to be decorated - not until Christmas Eve otherwise cats/FB bring decorations down.
Food shopping to be done which means clearing the freezer out so I'll have to do an audit of the freezer to see what can be used up before then
Shit. Get a new shelf for the fridge
Fill the FB's advent calendar
What I would like to do:
Make some hanging stars and snowflakes for the FB's bedroom and possibly other places in flat
Make some Christmas tree decorations a la Nigella.
Make own Christmas cards - maybe next year.
Get some energy and stop being so bloody lazy.
And it seems like the tiredness I've been complaining and moaning about may actually be anaemia, my second bout this year.


aunty evil said...

Stop worrying! You still have a whole month to get all those things done, which leaves you time to do your normal daily routine, running the house, cooking, cleaning, bringing up child and husband while also gloriously carrying one around with you all the time, glowing and looking magnificent as you do, of course!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, now I'm really panicing.

h&b said...

Next year, I have suggested to my beloved that we 'elope'.

Come back with tans, and tell people we simply got Christmassed elsewhere ;)

caramaena said...

I have barely done anything to get ready for christmas.

I have bought and packed one pressie to go to the U.S. (though I've no idea if I've left it too late for it to get there in time). That will be posted today.

We've also taken the kiddo 'scouting' for ideas for santa etc.

And that's it. Yep, that's all I've done.

Looks like I'll be fighting the crowds again this year... /sigh.

nutmeg said...

This Christmas is already getting to be a bit much for me so something has to give. I've decided to give the Christmas cards the miss this year (in my worst moments I think they're a little like a popularity contest - who gets the most etc etc) I would find a lot more value in making some myself (like yourself) for a few close friends and family but I don't think I have the time or energy even for that :-)

Stomper Girl said...

You have to calm down. If one of us panics, the rest of us will and then Christmas will be a fiasco. Just breathe in with me now, in....out...

We can do this. We just have to ignore the housework for the next month.

My partner suggests I could also spend less time blogging, but I don't think things are that desperate :-)

Carolyn said...

Christmas cards, I didn't even think of those.

Now you've got me stressing even worse. :)