21 November 2006

Shouting is fun

Since the FB was little he's been shouting "Green Man come out the pub" every time we wait at the lights to cross. Since the weekend though, he's taken to cupping his hand to his mouth and shouting that little bit louder. Hasn't made much of a difference.
He also shouts "Stop!" at car alarms when out and about, and weirdly, they stop. Doesn't work when indoors though. Useful skill I think.


h&b said...

I didn't know my son had moved to the UK ?! I could have sworn he was right here in the lounge with me !! :)

nutmeg said...

I'm looking at that photo and wishing we could "pop" over to London. I'm in the mood for some bare trees and overcast sky and temperatures below 35 to 40 degrees C.

I also love banana bread. I have a great Southern American receipe from a US friend (based in Oz). It includes walnuts. Though, I ran out of frozen bananas and haven't made it since. I have bought some more lately but my kids are eating them all up and NONE are going to waste i.e. frozen! They must have the new season bananas coming soon; $2/kg bananas - was that in a dream?

velcro said...

h&b does your's shout "quick quick green man" as you cross the road too?

nutmeg, it is freezing here - we're talking barely 10C with rain though it looks like snow should be falling. We've got the bare trees though. I think I'd like the sun and warm temps. Fancy swopping?

I am a fool. I didn't realise that bananas had a season!

angelfeet said...

I like that, "Green Man, come out of the Pub" - we just chant "Where's the green man, where's the green man?" etc until he appears. I don't do that when I'm on my own though, just with the girls.

velcro said...

it's when you have to have a discussion as to why the green man is taking so long to appear that it gets very peculiar. our excuses range from - he's finishing his drink, to he's gone to the toilet and will be out in a minute.