13 November 2006

Of Mice and the rest

There is a small possibility that at age 8 the cats (the original four legged furry penguins) have finally realised that their archnemisis is the mouse. We found a dead one on the stairs this morning. There was blood. Now, two theories abound. Either the mouse was attacked outside, crawled into our hall, half way up the stairs and then died OR one of the cats took a swipe at it. To be honest the first theory is more likely. I've seen a mouse run across the floor and the cats sat and watched it in a sort of bemused "I wonder what that is" kind of thing. But show them an olive or a mushroom or god forbid leave a piece of cheese out and they'll show it who's boss.

Today was test day and to be honest having my eyebrow pierced hurt more than having a huge (and I mean huge) needle shoved into my abdomen. Now we just await the results.


kirsty said...

Our cats used to shred RABBITS inside our dining room, so count yourself lucky if yours have an aversion to mice! Cleaning up rabbit guts isn't very nice.

Waiting with you :)

daysgoby said...

Holding your hand from far away...

I've had a cat bring in and try to kill a rabbit under my freaking bed when I lived with my mom....now my two? The small one will occasionally deign to swipe a paw at a fly - more often she gives me the look of "What? Aren't you going to kill that?"

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

We have two cats.

The second one is cute and cuddly and we got her because the first one was so vicious and evil (we were tricked into taking him for our eldest) that our poor kids started hiding in their rooms rather than pass him in the hallway.

But the evil first one? We keep, because neither mouse nor rat nor, (and here we exercise caution) crawling babe is safe from his predatory prowess.

I shudder to think what he would do to a rabbit.

(how long for results - it used to be two weeks, from memory, have they managed to speed that up??)

velcro said...

OK I'm rather glad that my two don't go after rabbits! mind you they are house cats so the chances of them seeing a rabbit let alone getting to chase it, are very small. Frog, the more rotund of the two, shouts insults at birds roosting on the roofs opposite, and occasionally goes after the larger housespiders we get here.

The initial results can be ready anytime from tomorrow on, but definately by next Monday, unless they didn't get enough cells. The final report takes 2 - 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Um, ouch. Stomach and eyebrow both.

Thanks for coming over to comment on The Scent of Water. Am using my old blogger account so I can comment here.

And I loved the wombles...

caramaena said...

I have two cats and one has a very bad habit of trying to bring in her er, trophies (usually still partially alive - ew).

Most of the time it's of the mice/rat variety (can we say ewwww here?) and then can't understand when I won't let her in the door with them.

Good luck with the results from the huge needle.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the results, I'm holding my breath for you. As to the cats, they sound like nice civilized housemates -- I'm sure the mouse staggered in on his own looking for a warm cozy place to expire.

Stomper Girl said...

Modern cats are just too well-fed these days!! If you're going to kill the mousey, you should follow up by eating the mousey! (But not in front of your human, as the sound of crunching mouse-bones and the sight of the little mousey tail hanging from the cat mouth is a little off-putting)
I miss our cat. My partner has to do all the mouse-slaying in our house, which involves a lot of crawling and multiple whacking with a hand-held shoe. But no eating.
Thanks for visiting, good luck with your test.