28 November 2006

Calm reappeared, took a look around and left.

I'm taking the easy way out and starting with my "not necessary but would like to do" list and have begun to make the stars for the FB's bedroom. The plan, which may change by the time the thing is in place (probably for about 2 minutes before he decides he hates it and it must come down that instant) is to hang around 100 stars from his bedroom ceiling to make it look like a little universe. So some may be spiral shaped, some cluster and so on. I'm thinking of doing a few little red ones, and a couple big blue ones, but no black holes. That's too complicated.
And so while the Christmas cards gather dust in their box unopened, and the cake ingredients lie waiting in the cupboard you can rest assured that all the unnecessary stuff is being done.

Some of you avid readers may remember that the FB's pushchair has been taken in for repair. I alas am not an avid reader of mine and can not remember if I grumped about the incredible suffocating rain cover it possesses. If I didn't... the raincover comes down directly over the FB's face in a way that I am sure is in breach of any health and safety regs that pushchairs have to mind. Anyway before you all fall asleep, John Lewis the wonderful department store who fix the FB's pushchair lent us another one complete with raincover. Necessary things raincovers, this being England and therefore on the damp side at this time of year. This morning was one of those wet times and therefore the raincover was necessary. "Good design" I thought looking at the piece of plastic "ahhh look FB you clip it to the sides of the hood using these poppers, what a clever and easy idea!" Until we got to the right popper which doesn't stay on causing the raincover to fall off on one side and let the rain in.......

Cue much swearing.


daysgoby said...

Oh please, I'd love to see pictures when you get the stars done!

Little boy rooms are the best to decorate. C's is kites.

aunty evil said...

Oh dear Velcro, it's just one thing after another for you, isn't it? :) Why do you think that stroller (pushchair) is a spare one they can loan out?

Why don't you just buy those glow in the dark stars that stick to the ceiling. They look great when the lights go out, and double as a night light too!

I count myself as one of your avid readers, so keep going!

My float said...

Ah, someone just like me who manages the unimportant instead of the important!

Like baking a cake when minutes away from deadline. Or sorting through my son's clothes only minutes away from deadline. Spot the theme?!

Your decorating ideas for your son sounds great. I might just have to borrow them!

velcro said...

If I get the stars done I shall post some pictures of them - have a bad habit of starting something and not finishing it.
Aunty, the last one they lent us (when the previous pushchair broke) was absolutely fine! fortunately today is a beautiful sunny day.
I would get the glow in the dark stars but if he took against them they would be much harder to take down
Ahh procrastination rules. See I'm doing it now. I should be doing laundry, dishes, stars, sewing, even buying christmas presents and instead I am online!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

well. good luck with all that prior organisation stuff...

We've added to our load by organising a party for December 9.

Oh the joys! They just bloody continue to mount!

(and all my own fault, I should have stuck with my idea for a January 'do' - but no...)

Carolyn said...

I start things a lot and don't finish too. It's called too many kids and too little time. :)

Anonymous said...

I SO identify with the cards gathering dust in their box, the baking going undone and all the uneccessary stuff getting my undivided attention---are we perverse or what?