23 November 2006

Of necklaces and broken pushchairs

There is a very happy little boy who should be fast asleep in his bed (but isn't he is singing to himself). We went into town today and he got to use an underground pass of his very own. It didn't matter that it doesn't work, he got to swipe in and out just like the grownups do. And he got his very own box of beads and threads. So now he has a list of people that he is going to make necklaces for - his cousin and bestest friend, me, his dad and his gran. I hope he has enough beads for all these!
It was a beautiful day today; the sun shone, sky was blue and the few leaves left on the trees and those on the ground seemed to glow. So rather than go to the park, we went into the centre of London. Got to go to the Bead Shop, Kiehls for skin cream, and then onto my favourite department store John Lewis. The FB's pushchair has developed a series of faults like one of the wheels keeps falling off. Minor stuff like that but infuriating. So it needs a rehaul and it's still under warranty. This is our second pushchair. The first had a dodgey right axil that kept snapping and now this one. Either we are incredibly unlucky or we should be the crash test dummy family for pushchairs. Or possibly pushchair designers forget that people actually need to use them on a daily basis and so bring out creations that can only be used if child is Thumbalina sized and is under some sort of house arrest so can only go 10 metres from the home.

Witty titles are just not my thing are they!


Isabelle said...

Hello. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Yes, I am indeed in Edinburgh, where it is currently VERY WINDY. Actually, sorry to disappoint you (and me) but we now do have proms here - that's what sixth years call their school dances now. See Americanisms? they get everywhere...

Haven't time to read your archive just now but it looks interesting and I will return. Sympathies with the pregnancy sickness/exhaustion -remember it well. It's worth it, though! Glad your peanut is ok - must go and mark essays, alas.

nutmeg said...

Some of the prams (as we call them in Oz) I see about lately look like they've been made for Yummy Mummys who only need them for the occasional push to and from lunch! I have to say ours has weathered the barrage of two kids. I think it's Italian. Bertini. Anyway, we've worn out some tyres and been able to replace those as and when needed. And it's very easy to use.

One of my sister's is into beading and would very jealous of your trip into the Bead Shop :-)

velcro said...

thanks for that Nutmeg. Am thinking of getting a Bugaboo Cameleon for the Peanut. Let's see how long it takes to fall to pieces!

The beadshop was fabulous and I spent far too much, and then found another beadshop round the corner!