07 November 2006

No Idea what to call this one

Yesterday I went for a spending spree on books, for me a spending spree is 2 max (for myself) and 3 for FB. Gone are the days when I could walk into Waterstone's and happily buy 100GBP of books for ME. Got "Few Eggs and No Oranges:the Diaries" by Vere Hodgson (war diaries 1940 - 45) - the no oranges bit made me think of you guys in Australia and your banana crisis; and Operation Typhoo Shore by Joshua Mowll. Ok that one's a kid's book for boys but the first one in the series was fantastic and I have been so looking forward to this one being published.
I miss buying books.

(dinner was beetroot, white fish and tatties with sauce. v simple and rather yummy)


daysgoby said...

Karen -

Pasta with Prawns and Tomato went over really well. Thanks again for the recipe!

And I made Apple Crisp, too - realized I didn't have any bread in the house to make breadcrumbs for a Crumble, so it was oatmeal, a bit of flour and brown sugar over the top. They all scarfed it up so it can't have been bad!

kirsty said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog :) Love yours, too (I'm your new subscriber!).

nutmeg said...

Hi Velcro. It's always nice to come upon a new blogger and read it from the very beiginning. I found many similarities:

- good blog ideas that arise only to vanish when seated in front of the computer
- the restaurant trained child though, is a dream of mine!
- I just received the Twelve cookbook from my sister
- I am also a cross-stitcher though I am currently in second child hiatus
- Your 48 things meme. Yes to numbers 10, 11, 15, 16, 19, 25, 29, 40 (though another Akunin novel sits on my shelf) and 43!

Also, a "sad old lady" cannot have been born in the 70's. Far too young. :-)

Unfortunately, or otherwise I am a book addict. Are war stories a perennial favourite? For some reason I have a bit of a fixation on fiction and non-fiction of WWII.

I see that you already have a great Aussie contingent reading your blog :-)

aunty evil said...

Yes Nutmeg, we are applying pressure to get her out here! That's just what Australia needs, more Brits living here!

Velcro, 3 years ago I was a tin and packet cook. That changed when my husband cringed at what I cooked (he still married me though) and taught me the "right" way to do things. I can't get enough cook books now, I love em! I love trying new recipes, and don't you find that recipes you glanced at a while ago with little enthusiasm all of a sudden takes on new dimensions when you look at it the day before you start your diet?

velcro said...

Jess, that apple crisp sounds rather nice. do you add butter or marge to the oatmeal etc?
Glad to hear that the pasta went down well.

velcro said...

Aunty, when my husband met we I was living off sandwiches from my local supermarket. My flat was mouse infested (despite the presence of two cats) and after my sister found mouse droppings in a saucepan, I wisely decided to go the sandwich route.
Yup, always find new recipes when I'm not able to cook! So I write them down and promptly forget about them.

velcro said...

Kirsty I am rather grumpy that you are at the other end of the world. I am thinking of making my first quilt and could have done with some of your lessons. grrr!

velcro said...

Kirsty I am rather grumpy that you are at the other end of the world. I am thinking of making my first quilt and could have done with some of your lessons. grrr!

velcro said...

re the book - i love diaries. I have (had - it's on loan at present) a book on diary entries, some famous, most not, split by date - the Assassin's Cloak.

what do you think of Twelve? I haven't had the courage to cook anything else from it since the tuscan soup disaster.

daysgoby said...

K -

4 cups sliced apples

Mix together:
1 cup flour
1 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup butter
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix about 1/4 of the topping mixture into apples in baking dish. Spread the rest on top, pressing down a little. Bake at 350 F for thirty five minutes.

You may want to dab a little more butter on top, as mine turned out kinda grey, not golden brown and yummy looking, but tasted...awesome.

daysgoby said...

Good lord! I forgot! 1 cup of brown sugar in the topping as well.

Wouldn't do to forget the sugar, now would it??