03 November 2006

It started as a pregnancy grump

morning sickness and maternity wear. It's not fair! I'm only 11 weeks and look at least 30, and every time it's tea time I start feeling sick so the idea of preparing a nutrious healthy meal is just too much and then I feel like a crap mother. I'm hoping that things improve when MrV comes back and stops working 15 hour days. Either that or wait until the second trimester.
And because I was pregnant with during the summer all the surviving (and thus hideous) maternity clothes I have are all lightweight and useless in these Arctic conditions. So the hunt is on for winter maternity wear for short round women. Any suggestions?

Today is also a crap day for another rather sadder reason. BabyC would have been due today if it had made it past 7 weeks. Alas it didn't, and turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. In one lousy day I lost a baby, 2 litres of blood, one fallopiean tube, almost my life, and my best friend (long and very complicated story and no she's not dead, just not my friend any more). So if I seem a little down today please forgive me.

On the upside FB has been the sweetest smooch monkey today. I've been showered in sloppy little boy kisses since he woke me up this morning.
And I have readers! Thank you to everyone who've left comments. You've made a sad old lady very happy.


~cupcake~ said...

I'm sorry! That is a sad day. :o(

Do cookies help? How about ice cream sandwiches?

Hope your weekend improves drastically!

Surfing Free said...

Thanks for visiting my site!! It's nice to read that someone else is going through my pain ... umm, I mean pregnancy symptoms ;)
I know what you mean about cooking. I'm a vegetarian but I cook meat for my family and the smell of the cooking meat is almost too much for me at the moment! Blurk!

My float said...

Hi, I'm sorry about BabyC. That must have been very hard to have lost so much in one day.

As for maternity wear for short round women - in winter, I lived in my jeans and then layered the tops because my body temperature was all over the place. That way I could take things off or put them on quite easily. Jeans are good - go the jeans! Boot leg if you're short.

aunty evil said...

Hi Velcro, the ONLY decent thing worth having on a down day is chocolate, and lots of it - with nuts, without nuts, whatever, have them all! Of course, it may result in the warm clothes you buy not fitting next time you put them on, but that is such a small price to pay! :)

velcro said...

thanks guys. I ate the chocolate (maltesers) and then crashed out on the couch to the sound of Stephen Fry in QI (fab daft quiz on BBC2 & 4).
and thanks for the maternity wear advice My Float. This time I am adamant that I am not going to go down the badly dressed baglady route, but more the fabulously dressed weeble.

SueeeuS said...

I'm sorry about BabyC. Sigh. I'm hoping the best for your Peanut!!

I wore stretchy black pants and tops all through my winter pregnancy. I didn't get maternity wear, but I got the oversized stuff from the large women's store. It was comfortable and looked nice enough. I'm no fashionista though.