25 November 2006

A meme for Saturday

from Daysgoby

five books meme
1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 -- first sentence
3. Book #2 -- last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 -- second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 -- third sentence on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 -- next to last sentence on page two hundred and fifty
7. Book #6 -- final sentence of the book

Except that because I've got 6 bookcases in my livingroom and I don't want one to feel left out and grumpy, I've added an extra book to the list.

1. Oh boy which ones to choose?

2. "If you were to touch the plinth upon which the equestrian statue of King Charles I is placed, at Charing Cross, your fingers might rest upon the projecting fossils of sea lilies, starfish or sea urchins."
London The Biography by Peter Ackroyd

3."Daddy and I go over the accounts sometimes," James said.
Carter beats the Devil by Glen David Gold

4. "I - we need to use my membership to our advantage, not throw it away."
Operation Typhoon Shore by Joshua Mowll

5. "They are certainly hot, rather stiff, and the legs are often too tight."
How not to be a Perfect Mother by Libby Purves

6. "It swept towards me out of the distance, like a wave, washed over me and glided away."
The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

7. "In future debates, when people would pontificate, "There was no disaster, there was only high water, " or "The '95 floods caused inconvenience, not a disaster," there would be at least one hero, Hans Verdrinker, would could prove with one hand raised, that there had indeed been a disaster, though now part of him was....."JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WAAL."
The Undutchables by Colin White and Laurie Boucke


daysgoby said...

I love your choices!

(and I'm a huge fan of the Creatures series - my dad read me those when I was very small and then on Sundays we would watch the tv series - terrific memories. Thanks, K!

velcro said...

I wanted to be a vet when I was 12 because of the books, and then someone told me I would have to study Latin until I left school, and that put me off. I was not very good at Latin.