04 November 2006

Lazy Mummy

Should I confess?? Hmmmm Ok. I’m still in my pyjamas and it’s evening. I have a good excuse, I mean reason, honest. Both FB and I had horrible headaches today and, yeah ok, not a good excuse. I’m sorry. We’re also having take-away pizza for tea and I’m going to have to answer the door in my sleepwear. Thank god the hall light has gone and I’m not tall enough to reach it, and there is no way I am carrying a chair over the stair gate and down the very steep stairs. Also I used up the last light bulb this morning when FB decided to switch the bathroom light on and off and on and off and…. and blew the light bulb, again. I supposed I could ask the downstairs neighbour if he could change the bulb but a. I refer you to my previous comment re lack of light bulbs, and b. it seems a little “do you have a cup of sugar”, and c. I’m in my pyjamas.
As for the pizza, tonight’s dinner was meant to be meatballs, tatties and sweetcorn but after moving the several tons of pumpkin innards cluttering up my freezer, I found a solitary box of meatballs, already opened and with only 4 meatballs left. I don’t remember opening a box and putting it back in again, but then I walk into rooms and walk back out again because I have no idea what I am doing there. I blame Mrs S our poltergeist. She’s “borrowed” my tube pass, a bath plug and frequently moves my husband’s glasses (though to be fair to her that is probably him) so she was probably hungry for meatballs in whatever dimension or place poltergeists inhabit (inside the tv according to that film)
I am trying to convince my husband, by text message as he is in Belgium and I am here in London, that we should up sticks and move to Australia. You guys seem to have a far nicer standard of life than us poor Brits, and yes the comments on the weather got to me. Alas his last text back to me said “are you ok?” I think he suspects I am now certifiable.
(pizza was yummy but too much and I had to fight the cats off and stop FB from taking a bite out of one slice, putting it back (the slice not the bite) and doing the same again.)
Yesterday I mentioned the crisis that is my lack of maternity wear. Slowly this is being fixed. Next week MrV is taking me boot shopping to this place. I’m swaying between these and these, both in brown. And I’m going to drag him to Blooming Marvellous for some cords and tops.
And on that note, I bid you goodnight.

(favourite word today seems to be "and")


aunty evil said...

Hi Velcro, Personally, I prefer the second "these" boots, but I suspect with your belly getting bigger, all those laces will prove to be a chore.

As for moving to Australia, what a great idea! You will never need heavy duty winter clothes again. Just a jumper and some shoes (or those lovely boots) and socks and you are done. (good idea to wear pants or a skirt too, but I figured that's a given)

We have pizza, and we have light globes. We also have the important things like chocolate and dressing gowns. (trying to keep your mind off the great white sharks)

Where the bloody hell are ya?

velcro said...

Aunty Evil, I never thought about the whole trying to do up boots with gigantic belly problem. thanks for reminding me.

Am in London, but at 3.08am I was in bed sleeping despite the fireworks going off.