20 November 2006

Darn I've forgotten what I wanted to call this one

The problem is, is that I usually come up with my blogs as far away from the computer as is possible. Today's was beautifully scripted, complete with Yorkshire accent as I passed Marks & Spencers on my way up to the FB's nursery. Alas the bakers opposite had made a batch of fresh doughnuts and the smell completely put the blog out of my head. Hence the pile of drivel you are reading now.

We have been whining central today which may possibly have been caused by the Evil Mummy's refusal to let the poor, innocent betrayed FB watch more than 20 minutes of TV during the day. Last week he watched far far too much and we have to cut it back. So instead we played many games of Postman Pat balancing parcels on his arms, Whose Nose is it anyway? and the FB became very inventive and built a runway and heliport on the couch. It was good to see him playing and not sitting staring at the screen.
However, on the subject of TV, those of you Down Under may be able to answer a question for me. We have a TV show here called "The Koala Brothers" which I think may be one of yours? The koalas (it's a cartoon) fly a little prop plane in the outback usually to help some of their other animal friends. But it is their attire that confuses us. Is it cold in the outback (was always under the impression that it veers towards the warmer end of the thermal spectrum). Said koalas are always wearing very thick, Norwegian fishermen style jumpers which is understandable when up in the air, but down on the ground??

Yours in fashion confusion



h&b said...

I love the Koala Brothers - it was just on a minute ago actually ( now we're watching "Oswald", which I love too .. ).

Anyway, it's just antique flying gear .. Red Baron style. I guess it looks better than flying around in thongs, a singlet and shorts ;)
But yes, they are definately overdressed. It's 8.22am and I can already tell it's going to be a scorcher today !

Nice blog, I will have to take a better look around. I found you through Another Nutter.

Cheers !

Stomper Girl said...

Oh god, I can't stand the F'ing Koala Brothers. Australian voice "talent" always feel the need to find the most god-awful whinge-y almost baby-ish pitch to their voices when they do a little Aussie character. It's like nails down a blackboard.
I assume they would get cold when they're up in an open cockpit airplane, because yes, normally the outback would be way to hot for woollens.

caramaena said...

I've always wondered about their clothes too - some of them rugged up - others in summer gear.

velcro said...

jesus christ there's an alligator/crocodile walking around in a cricket jumper now. Ok I know the Ashes are about to start but this is ridiculous. Am waiting for characters to collapse from heat exhaustion.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Mind you, it DOES get very cold in the outback too, at appropriate moments.

Personally, I think the artists just couldn't work out how to make their bodies move properly in the animation and copped out with the woolly jumpers.

That, and they were desperately trying to avoid making the KBs look like Blinky Bill...

velcro said...

Blinky Bill? why do I know that name?